Sunday, June 12, 2011

Work Shower

On Friday my coworkers had a baby shower for Miss Hannah.  It was so sweet of them and she got lots of great things and I got to eat lots of sweets.  :)

 Tia & Ryan hanging out soooo excited to watch me open presents!  ;)

Kristin & Jenny, we didn't get pics of everyone there but thanks guys for all coming!

Two of my buddies at work and I are crazy Big Brother fans.  Every summer we look forward to it and each episode we text each other throughout the episode and then discuss "strategy" the next day at work.  They made Hannah her own "BBH Fan" onesie!  So hilarious!  She will be wearing this by the way.  :)

One group at work got together and bought Hannah her big swing!  Can you tell I'm excited about it?!  Ha!  

Austin was sweet enough to come for the shower!  He even got to check out Hannah's daycare while he was there.  :)

My work BFF partners in crime (and Big Brother buddies) Nicole and Leslie.  

Tracy was sweet enough to come on her day off!  Yes, we're sisters who are both due with our babies at the same time and to top it off we work at the same company.  None of this was planned by the way, it's just kind of the way it happened!  Our offices used to be down the hall from each other but now we're at separate locations across town.  :(

My former coworker Lilliana made it too!  Miss you Lil!!  Thank you so much for coming!  

Lil, me and Elizabeth

The sweet hostesses.  Thanks again ladies, y'all are the best!

It was a great afternoon and Austin and I spent part of Saturday putting together some of Hannah's new things!  She's one lucky girl!

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