Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Maternity Pictures!

Here are my favorites from the maternity pictures we had taken a few weeks ago.  It just happened to be the ONLY day it's rained in MONTHS of course!  Luckily it stopped raining right about when we got started so we just had to make a few minor adjustments as far as location goes.  I'm so happy we did these because I know I'll always cherish this time before Hannah makes her arrival!

Our photographer was so awesome!  Her name is Cortney Russell and she was so fun to hang out with and made it so easy and relaxing.  I didn't realize it until we started taking pictures but she went to my high school and was a cheerleader like me but just a few years later... 

Look at Hannah's itty bitty shoes!  So cute!

I LOVE this picture because of that blue door!

On one of Hannah's walls in her room we're going to get a few of these printed on canvas and hang with her newborn pictures once she's born.  I can't wait!

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Stephanie said...

The shoes are just too precious! She did a great job on the pics, but her models did most of the work makin the pics look good. :)