Thursday, June 23, 2011

Showering Baby Girl!

This past weekend Austin, Brody and I headed up to Dallas for our LAST road trip before Hannah arrives!  I now have decided that with any future pregnancies, I will not be traveling after 28 weeks!  No way.  Not happening.  I've paid for this long road trip with some pretty uncomfortable pain, trust me, but it was SOOO worth it!  :)  We got to Jackie and Bryan's Friday evening and got right back in the car so I could eat some In-N-Out burger for the 1st time!  I was so excited because for the past five or so years Austin brings me an In-N-Out t-shirt each year when he travels to the West coast but I had never experienced it before. 

Yep, I had them get me a hat to wear for this picture.  I couldn't resist since all the kids were wearing them! ;)  The burger didn't disappoint either, it was tasty.  Just as tasty as the milk shake I had after that....  Funny thing, they sent me inside 1st to look for a table since the line was out the door.  We figured if any of the four of us were going to get a table it was going to be me since I look like I'm about to pop.  We were right!  I was inside for less than 30 seconds when someone came up to me and said they would save their table for us when we're ready since I shouldn't be standing outside in the heat.  So nice!  You know I took them up on that offer immediately!

The whole reason for our visit was for Hannah's last baby shower!  I went to college up near Dallas so a few of my awesome friends hosted a shower for me and my baby girl!  It was amazing and they really out did themselves!

Cute decorations

I loved the details, they put bows that were made for Hannah on all the hanging balls!  It was so cute and now she has lots of cute bows for whenever she gets some hair!  :)  If she's anything like her Mommy and Daddy though, she'll be bald for quite a while after birth...

Yummy cupcakes!

Cute favors for all the ladies

More bows!

All of the food was so good!  I laughed because my plate was FULL and I walked by someone and their plate had less than 1/2 the amount my plate had!

We played a game during the shower that was so funny.  I'm not a huge fan of shower games of any kind but this one was a blast.  We had to guess what the baby food flavor was.  Some of that stuff STINKS!!


I LOVE this sign the girls had made for Hannah's room!  It's the perfect verse for her too.

The beautiful hostesses and me.  I was in each of their weddings and they were all in mine!

Mommy-to-be with Hannah's Grandma's-to-be

Me with the Aggie stroller that Beth got Austin.  He was pretty excited about it when he got back at the end of the shower.  His exact words were "This is MY stroller"!  I told him he sounded like Leah because right now everything to her is "MINE!".  But yes, technically this is HIS stroller.  ;)

Perfect bib for Miss Hannah!  Love it!

How cute is this?!  I wish I was creative in my wrapping but I just put things in bags or wrap them up in paper.  Aunt Jan is super creative, I told her she won the award for best presentation!

Adorable burp cloths and more bows that Kasey had made for Hannah

I love this little shoe!  It's porcelain with crystals all over it and on the bottom you write all her birth info.  It will be so pretty on display in Hannah's room.

This picture made me laugh because obviously not all of the baby food jars smelt so pleasant...

Lindsey and I with our baby bumps!  She is due with baby Tyse just three days after Hannah is due!  Trust me, back in our college days when we were sitting around Tavern, we never would have guessed we'd be having our babies at the same time!

My Godmother Lynda with her future daughter-in-law Amanda and me

My Kappa girls!!

Beth & me

My 1st baby Brody had to make an appearance too of course!  I swear, his feet never even touched the ground once I brought him downstairs.  He was being passed around like a real baby!  Ha!  Seriously.

After everyone left Jackie and I had the boys play the baby food game.  It was pretty funny watching their faces!  I think they got 6 out of 10 right though!

This just makes me laugh

The shower was amazing and I'm so lucky to have such great friends who are all excited about Hannah's arrival!  Thanks again girls!


Jackie said...

We had so much fun planning it! It was an awesome weekend! - Jacs

Stephanie said...

It looks like a beautiful shower and Hannah got some wonderful gifts! You are getting so close!!

etphonehome21 said...

What an AWESOME shower, I'm so sorry I missed it! I would have rocked the game. :) Love the bow decorations! Did y'all get stuck on 45? That was horrible!

michelle ellis said...

What a beautiful shower! You have very sweet friends!