Tuesday, June 28, 2011

This Little Piggy Got Painted

About a month ago I told Austin I was going to have to get regular pedicures now because I can't reach my toes easily enough to paint them.  His response was "I can paint them!".  Um....ok!  I said yes mainly because I wanted to take pictures of him painting my nails because it just sounded funny to me and is SO not an Austin kind of thing to do!  I figured I'd end up just going to the nail salon the next day if they turned out how I was expecting them to look. ;)

Taking my nail polish off.  I should have taken some video to how vigorously he was removing the polish.

I was guiding him along on how to paint but I guess he needed a really close look.  It's all about attention to detail, right?!  

The finished product!  Look at those fat little piggies toes!  You can even see the indention from Austin's fingers resting on my foot under my left big toe.  That's what happens when you touch my feet these days.  They.  Are.  Swollen.  Austin literally pushes all the water out of my feet each night when he gives me foot rubs.  It's crazy!

Ok, so it's not a professional job and I had to do a little touch up on the skin but I'm pretty proud of him!  I told him I was going to have to get some of the paint off the skin and he said, no lie "I can get my pocket knife out and get that paint right off".  Thanks for that awesome offer, but I think I'll pass. ;)  A Q-tip and some polish remover will work just fine.  Ha!

I've said it probably 100 times throughout the pregnancy but Austin really is the best "pregnant husband" ever!    He's so sweet to me and little Hannah with our slow ways and high maintenance/weird needs.  After he painted my nails he even went to the grocery store for the week and made dinner so I could put my swollen feet up.  :)  Lucky girl!


etphonehome21 said...

He is a great hubby! The best is yet to come though... when he paints Hannah's toes! David is the only person that can do Gracie's right. :)

Autumn said...

That is so awesome of him!! I hope Zac is like that when we get pregnat!! You are looking great, I look forward to your updates!