Thursday, September 15, 2011

Poor Baby

My birthday was this past Friday.  The plan was for Hannah and I to have a great day at home together and then when she took her afternoon nap I was going to shower and get ready for our evening.  We had a night out planned with some friends and Lainey and Pops were all ready to babysit Miss Hannah for the first time.  I've never even been away from her longer than a trip to the grocery store (which I gladly took since I hadn't been in a grocery store in months since I was on medical leave) so I was excited to go out with Austin and some friends for my birthday.  
Yeah....didn't happen.

Friday morning Hannah took a nap and when she woke up I changed her out of her jammies and noticed that her right breast area was really red and had a HUGE lump on it.  I'd guess it was the size of a quarter.  I called her pediatrician and got an appointment for that afternoon.  My Mom came and picked us up and we headed to the doctor.  I thought it was probably some kind of infection and that we could get some antibiotics for her and be back at home an hour later.  Well, it was an infection but we didn't get antibiotics and get sent home.  Hannah's doctor wanted us to go to the emergency room from her office and get admitted for at least 48 hours so she could receive IV antibiotics.  Um....WHAT?!  You want us to go to the HOSPITAL!?!  NOT what I thought was going to happen!!  The problem was that since Hannah is so young she can't take oral antibiotics effectively so she needed an IV.  I'm happy that her doctor takes such precautions with newborns but I was just shocked.  Luckily my Mom was there with us because the second I got into the car I started crying.  I called Austin and let him know what was going on and he left work right away to meet us at the ER.  Our poor baby was so upset too because when we had to put her back into her carseat the straps hurt her infection spot.  :(  It was so sad.  

Hannah sleeping in the ER.  Doesn't this just break your heart?  My poor baby, she's too little to be in the hospital!

She was 100% unfazed by the ER experience thankfully.  Getting the IV put in wasn't the most pleasant experience but they gave her something called "TootSweet" which was awesome and helped a LOT!  Baby girl LOVED it!!  It's 24% pure sugar basically and it releases endorphin's that make the babies not feel pain since they've never had any kind of sugar before.  It was awesome!  

A picture of her IV that I took with my phone.  Sadness.  :(

Sleeping away while she got her first round of antibiotics

Finally that evening we got admitted to our own room in the pediatrics unit.  Sweet Hannah was pretty popular there!  We had GREAT nurses who took care of us the entire weekend, other than the fact that she was in the hospital sick, it was a fantastic experience.   We were in a regular room with a hospital bed and couch and they just brought in a crib for Hannah.  I didn't like to see her in that crib but it worked for her!  It seemed too "hospital" like for me for some reason.  It was nice for all of us to be able to stay in the room together though.

 This just about broke my heart.  :(  Baby girl sleeping away with her arm out so they wouldn't have to wake her up to give her the antibiotics in the middle of the night.  The IV was always in her arm obviously but she was only hooked up every six hours for about an hour while they administered the medicine so we didn't have to mess with the tubes all the time thankfully.

Daddy rocking his baby girl to sleep

The view I had from my bed.  Love looking at this sweet face.

Smiling Hannah  :)  I took this with my phone while she was sleeping.  LOVE HER!!!

Sticking her tongue out at Mommy!  Silly girl

Elizabeth came by to visit Hannah on Sunday before she headed back home.  She was there when the doctor came in to tell us we got to go home that day instead of Monday!  Woo hoo!

Hannah and Mommy waiting to be discharged.  Happy faces!

So, our little girl was officially diagnosed with mastitis and a staph infection.  Mastitis is basically a breast infection caused by a clogged duct mostly found in nursing moms.  I actually had just finished antibiotics for mastitis the day before I found Hannah's lump.  I asked if there was a link between both of us having mastitis and the doctors said no.  On Sunday morning I showed the hospital pediatric doctor my fingers because once he said that Hannah's mastitis was a staph infection the wheels started turning in all of our brains.  Two days before I gave birth to Hannah I got a manicure.  About a week later I started noticing my cuticles one by one looked horrible like I got a really bad manicure.  They were just red and swollen and a few of them had spots on them that looked like ingrown nails.  I didn't really think anything else of it other than noticing they hurt.  Well, once the doctor mentioned staph my mom asked if I showed her doctor my nails.  When I did on Sunday he said "yep, that's staph too, you need to take the same medicine Hannah is on and wear gloves every time you touch her for a week".  He also said that the staph infection on my cuticles is probably what caused my mastitis AND hers!  Insert horrible guilt HERE!  :(  So, in a nut shell, a manicure I got before my daughter was even born ended up with her in the hospital when she's four weeks old.  How does that happen?!  But thankfully she's all better now and I have some words I'm going to share with a certain nail place near my house once I can get up there without Hannah.  

Hannah hasn't had the greatest reaction to her antibiotics but after going to the doctor again yesterday she's doing much better!  We had a rough few days after coming home from the hospital but she seems to be back to her old happy self again and we're just ready to put this past us!  Never did I think that in her first four short weeks she'd have been to the doctor FIVE times and have a hospital stay!  Poor baby!

Since we went to the doctor again yesterday we got her latest stats.  Baby girl is growing like a weed!
Height 21.75" (71%)
Weight 9lbs 7oz (52%)
Head 15.12" (78%)


Chani said...

OMG, Kelly!!!! I'm so glad you BOTH are okay! Poor baby Hannah... Those pictures absolutely broke my heart! I hope this is the end of scary hospital visits for your sweet family! Love u girlie!

Stephanie said...

I was wondering what was going on when you mentioned the hospital in your previous post. Oddly enough we spent the afternoon in the hospital today with Chloe. Luckily she is fine (wrote a post about it). But it broke my heart to see her there, cried when I was in the car too, and couldn't bear to look at the pictures of sweet Hannah. Glad that she is OK but that is crazy how she got the infection!

Unknown said...

The pics are either so sad or so cute. Love the tongue one. Even when she's sick, Hannah is still so stinkin' adorable. Love her.