Friday, September 2, 2011

Three Weeks Old!

Hannah, you are three weeks old!  Three weeks is more challenging that week two in my opinion.  Baby girl is getting big and is making her presence more known!

Three Weeks Old
September 1, 2011

Hannah, this week you:
  • Have found your voice for sure!  You really know how to cry and once you get started, feeding you seems to be the only thing to get you to stop.  You aren't very loud, you still have that newborn cry but we definitely hear it!
  • You've also found your pout!  It's so cute but sad at the same time.  You stick out that little bottom lip when you're upset.
  • Your embilical cord fell off on Saturday (on poor Mary's shirt!).  You lost it at Lainey and Pop's house just like Haley did on the day you were born!
  • You are still sleeping great at night!  I'm always a little scared to say that in case I jinx us but we are SO thankful for this!!  I only wake you up twice to feed you and then you go right back to sleep.
  • As of Monday you still hadn't reached your birth weight yet but you've been eating like crazy this week so I'm pretty sure you're there by today.  
  • You still get fussy each night for a while, we have no idea why but we think part of it is from gas.  Your little tummy hurts.  :(
  • You had your roughest day yet in your little life on Tuesday, you just were NOT having a good day and cried and cried for Lainey and me.  We were so sad for you and you finally wore yourself out by 5pm for your first nap of the day.  Poor baby :(
Hannah, Daddy and I love you SOOOO much!  Here are a few pics of your week.

You made your first friend this week!  We put you in your crib, had the mobile going and put the giraffe next to you and you were so happy!  You smiled and touched him and just looked so cute!

Sucking on Daddy's finger.  You had JUST eaten and were getting burped but you apparently wanted more food but from the wrong source...  I love that cute little nose!

Showing us that bottom lip!

CiCi went back home on Sunday but got lots of Hannah cuddle time while she was here!  B couldn't be left out either!  You can see two of his toys in the background, ever since Hannah came home he's been wanting whoever is holding her at the moment to play with him.  He follows you around with his toy in his mouth and waits for someone to pay attention to him.  Poor guy is feeling left out I guess. :(  

Hannah also met two of her great grandparents!

AJ, Grandmother and Granddad (CiCi's parents) came all the way from Waco to meet our little girl :)

Hannah also gave herself a hickey this week!  Check out that bruise on her left arm!  I was getting ready to feed her and apparently she just couldn't wait because she started sucking on her arm (for about 5-10 seconds MAX) and that's the bruise she got from that short amount of time!  You can only guess how awesome feeding time is for me....  ;)  

Little munchkin, she already looks so different to us!

Happy girl after bath time

Climbing up Daddy while getting burped

Hannah and Haley all tuckered out from their big day on Tuesday

Sleepy girl


Mom said...

I wouldn't give up this last week and all the time I have spent with Hannah for Anything. Lainey

The Settlemeyers said...

Kelly, she is SO cute!!! Enjoy these days; they grow up too fast!

Ivy said...

I love her!!! She is precious!!! I'm SO glad she sleeps at night and I hope it continues! Paisley would always get fussy around 5 and stay that way until bedtime...she actually still acts that way. I just think it's the "witching hour" for babies. So glad yall are doing good.