Friday, August 26, 2011

Hannah and Haley

On Wednesday CiCi, Hannah and I headed to Tracy's house so Hannah and Haley could hang out together.  We of course had to take pics of the girls together!  It's crazy how different they are just being two weeks apart!  Hannah was bigger than Haley at her birth but since Haley is two weeks older she's already so much bigger!  In another month it will be interesting to see how close in size they are.

 Sweet Haley

Hannah loved snuggling up to her cousin.  Haley was clearly excited about this.  Ha!

 Haley doing her best Elvis face for us

Beautiful girl

 Mommies and their girls!

Locked arms.  They did that on their own.  Ok, maybe with a little help...  ;)
Sweet baby toes

Hanging out 

Haley got so comfy during the photo session that she decided to just take a little nap.  :) 

Hannah after we got home.  She was worn out! 

Such a fun day with our girls!  Can't wait to spend more time together while we're both on maternity leave!

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Stephanie said...

How fun that they are so close in age! They will have many wonderful memories growing up together. Beautiful girls!