Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hannah's Final Baby Shower

This past Saturday was Hannah's 5th and FINAL baby shower, our little girl is already so spoiled!  I honestly never thought Austin and I would attending the shower because I thought she'd already be here by then but I was wrong!  Austin's coworkers were so nice to throw a shower for us to welcome baby Hannah.  Most of his coworkers are more like friends to us that he just happens to work with so it was a lot of fun.  They are all so excited for Hannah to get here, it's sweet.  I spent most of the night sitting so I didn't get any pics of the guests but it was a pretty good turnout!    

Two of our hosts, Jamie and Melissa

Yummy food, we also had delicious BBQ that Steve made for us

AWESOME cake pops and cupcakes!  

Cute chocolate flower pops that Jamie and Angie's daughters made for the shower, so sweet 

Daddy & Mommy-to-be 

Present time!  I can say with 100% certainty that Hannah is SET!  Austin was so funny, this bucket was full of goodies and Austin's one question out of all the stuff that was in there was if we get to keep the bucket.  Ha, yes Austin, the bucket is ours to keep.

Austin and his work buddies, Jamie and Rob all sweaty from playing washers for hours

It was a great night and we are so lucky to have so many people who are excited for Hannah to arrive!  They are all ready to teach her about Aggie football!  Maybe next year boys, the 2011 season may be a little too early for baby girl!

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