Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hannah Is Here! Part 2

After we said goodbye to our families we headed to the operating room and they wheeled me into what I think is the brightest room I've ever been in in my life and Austin had to wait out in the hall while they prepped me.  Austin got this picture of me inside the operating room while he waited outside.  I don't know about other people's experiences but I wasn't expecting the c-section to be so FAST!  I was back into my hospital room about 45 minutes after they wheeled me out of there.    

The 1st time I heard our baby girl cry!  

She wasn't too happy at first.  I was able to see her for just a minute before Austin got to take her back to our room to meet the family!  I joined them a little while later after they stitched me back up.

You think he's a proud Daddy?! 

Baby girls footprints on her Daddy's scrubs

Aunt Rachel meeting her niece!

CiCi was so excited! 

Daddy, CiCi and Hannah

Hannah and her Lainey

Aunt Tracy and Hannah meeting!

She is an old pro at this now, Haley was two weeks old the day Hannah was born!

Pops meeting Hannah

The grandpas with their new granddaughter  

Grandpa checking her out!

Lainey and Hannah having a chat

First time I finally got to hold sweet Hannah!  It was a while before I could hold her because I was NUMB!  I couldn't feel my hands, I hated it!  One funny thing about my hands was that while we were in the operating room I could move them but I couldn't really feel them or control them too well.  I lifted my arm up to touch Hannah for the 1st time and I whacked myself in the face with my out of control hand!  It was pretty funny.  So, I was scared to hold her and I think it was at least an hour before I even attempted to.  I remember thinking about our classes and books and how they all say to bond with your baby right away and do skin-to-skin with her but that wasn't happening in our situation.  Trust me, we've bonded since.  No one can comfort her like her Mommy.  I love it.  :)  Things are so foggy about this day but I specifically remember being in the operating room right after she was born and she was just crying so loudly and then Austin brought her over to meet me and she just stopped instantly, was calmed and stared at me.  She knew who I was as soon as I said her name!  I think she was thinking "Mommy!  There you are!" :)

Aunt Tracy and Lainey checking out sweet baby girl

The Autrey girls with the newest edition! 

First family picture!


Beth couldn't wait to meet Miss Hannah!  

Me,  Hannah and my parents 

The Townsend crew


It was such a great day and I still can't believe she's here!  It was the most emotional/greatest day of my life and I'm just so happy to have her here and healthy.  

Next up, visitors and hospital stay!


Unknown said...

It was one of the best days of my life! Getting to hold Hannah right away!! So happy for you both.

Ken said...

Awesome Kel. So happy for you and Austin. Love, Dad

Mom said...

The Unknown is from Mom