Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hannah Is Here! Part 1

It is crazy to me that this time last week I was getting ready to head to the hospital for Hannah's induction!  This has been the longest/shortest week of my life it seems!  Wednesday afternoon Austin's parents came into town and we met my parents for dinner before heading to the hospital that night.

We took some pictures before we left the house.  Last belly shot! 

B, how did you get in your sissy's crib?!

Our last pic as a family of 3 before Hannah arrives!

After dinner at the restaurant my Dad asked the waiter for a birthday dessert for Miss Hannah.  So cute!

We had to be at the hospital at 8pm Wednesday night.  All checked in and ready to get things started!

Beth, Amber and Paul came to visit!  Beth made an awesome goody basket full of snacks for us to have at the hospital and gave me the cutest necklace with Hannah's name on it.  Such sweet friends!

And the pain has started....  I have no idea what time this picture was taken.  I do know that we got very little sleep Wednesday night and the nurse started the Pitocin at 5am followed very quickly by the epidural at 6am. Awe, the epidural was my friend.  Getting the epidural wasn't that bad actually, I felt pressure and a little discomfort but it was all worth it.  FOR SURE!  It's so weird, I actually have a very foggy memory of anything during labor.  It's all kind of a big blur to me and I rely on Austin's clear memory of it all to tell people what happened.  He's the one that reminded me of the back labor I was experiencing before the epidural.  Let me tell you that is NOT fun!!  The back labor was worse than the actual contractions!  

Not feeling so hot at this point.  I was piled with blankets and had to get oxygen because Hannah wasn't handling the contractions very well.  Her heart rate kept getting low each time I'd have a contraction so they were trying to get me extra oxygen to help regulate her heart.  At first the nurses thought it was her reaction to the Pitocin but it was realized later after they took me off Pitocin/put me back on it/took me off it again that she just wasn't handling labor as well as the Dr had hoped.

Contractions!  Her heart rate is at the top and was still looking good at this point.

Feeling pretty good (minus the vomit bag sitting next to me, the epidural made me pretty nauseous but luckily nothing ever happened)

Tracy and Mom waiting for Hannah to get here!  Both of our families were there all day as well as my best friend Beth.

Mark figured out it was going to be a long day so he took a little nap in the waiting room.  Ha! 

And then everything changed.  QUICKLY!!!  Both our families left for lunch because we promised them nothing would happen while they were gone.  Yeah, we were wrong.  My Dr came in to check on Hannah and me and wasn't pleased with how low Hannah's heart rate was getting and how slowly I was progressing.  She walked out of the room after she said she'd be back in a few hours to check on us again and about five minutes later (after she checked all the activity that had been going on the last few hours on the nurses monitor) she and the nurse come quickly walking in saying Hannah wasn't going to be staying in much longer and that I needed to go ahead with a c-section and that it was going to happen in 30 minutes.  Insert Kelly losing it HERE!  I started crying and was really upset because I just really didn't want a c-section but I knew it was what Hannah needed and I was ok with it, I was just disappointed because it wasn't the labor I had always imagined.  But, you do what you need to and I was just ready to make sure she was ok and have her here!   The crazy thing when I look back on it is that I was never nervous about any of it.  It was a whirlwind with different Drs coming in, forms being signed, Austin getting his scrubs on and then our families showed up about five minutes before I was wheeled out of the room.  It was all SO FAST and next thing I know, I'm in the operating room!

Austin and Kelly ready to become Daddy and Mommy!  A VERY swollen and emotional Kelly, but still excited to meet my baby girl!

Next up, Hannah is here!!!


etphonehome21 said...

That pic of Mark is CLASSIC!!!! I love that your got "action" shots. I wouldn't let David and now I wish I had. Can't wait for Part 2.

Unknown said...

You look awesome! The best looking 9 month pregnant person ever :)

Stephanie said...

I wish I had gotten last belly photos and last family photos. I wasn't completely convinced when we got to the hospital that we'd be staying though. Oh and the blue bag, yep, I put it to good use after my epidural! :) It sure sounds like there was plenty of excitement surrounding her arrival but I am so glad both you and Hannah are doing well! Can't wait to hear the rest!