Friday, August 5, 2011


We are still waiting on Miss Hannah's arrival!  This morning we went for Hannah's 2nd non-stress test this week to make sure she's doing good in there.  Well, she's doing great and doesn't want to go anywhere!

Hannah and Mommy hanging out getting monitored.  We both passed the test. :)  Like that big belly?  It's so white it glows I think.

While she was being monitored I had a few contractions and one of them was really strong and I was able to recognize it as a contraction so that's a good sign.  I didn't realize it until then but I've been having them everyday lately and just thought they were BH contractions.  They literally take my breath away!  So, it's a step in the right direction!  We met with the Dr after the test and I'm still not dilated at all but the Dr could feel Hannah's head because she's so low so we're getting close!  My Dr said she can still come at any time but if she doesn't come this weekend then I'll be back on Monday morning for another non-stress test and exam.  I am officially scheduled to be induced Wednesday evening if she still hasn't made her arrival so in less than a week Hannah will be here!  I was pretty discouraged about not being dilated still but according to my Dr sometimes that's just how it works.  She said that some people don't dilate at all until labor starts but it would be an even better sign if I would dilate on my own.  All I do know is that Hannah is one happy baby in there so I guess I can't ask for more than that!      


The Settlemeyers said...

I've been thinking about you. I never dilated with either one of mine until labor actually started. The doctor had to "stir things up" both times to get things moving. Very painful, but it worked! Keep us posted!

Dede said...

Still thinking about you! And still got my fingers crossed :) Can't wait to hear how today goes! And hang on to those fortunes, how cool!! Love y'all xoxo