Saturday, August 20, 2011

Week of Firsts

Considering it's Hannah's first week of life she's pretty much full of "firsts" but there are a few that I wanted to make sure to document.  I know there are a few people who read this blog that are expecting lots of Hannah updates and I don't want to disappoint!  :)

First pediatrician appointment
Hannah did so good at her 1st appointment!  She actually went twice this week and once again next week just to make sure she's gaining weight the way she's supposed to.  She is!  She gained 2oz in two days from leaving the hospital and then another 3oz in the next three days.  She's up to 7lbs 15oz now!  The girl eats like a champ so I wasn't too concerned about it.  Here is Miss Hannah about five seconds before she had her first blowout diaper.  I hurried and got her to the changing table and Austin and I stripped her down quickly and it was EVERYWHERE!!  Somehow it even got on the floor!  Austin and I could not stop laughing.  

Pretty girl ready to see the doctor!

First bath!
CiCi and I gave Hannah her first bath while Daddy took pictures and video.  Hannah wasn't too thrilled with her bath at first but she calmed down and loved being clean!

All clean!

Happy girls!

First professional photography shoot!
When Hannah was six days old the awesome Cortney Russell came to our house to take her newborn pictures.  She's the same photographer who took our maternity pictures a few months ago.  She posted a few pictures but I won't see the rest for another week or so.  Hannah wasn't a big fan of getting her picture taken so I have no idea how the rest are going to turn out but I love the ones I've seen so far!  Hannah really showed her appreciation for getting her picture taken by going potty on Cortney's blanket right after she got started.  Daddy had to work on that stain while she took the rest of the pictures!
LOVE this one!  Hannah really does smile a lot!

We just love this little girl so much and can't wait to see all the "firsts" she's going to have over the years!


JB said...

I am SO IMPRESSED with all the blog posts. Love reading about all 3 of you. You're an awesome Mom and I know Austin is an incredible dad and you have a great Cici as well!! She is an absolute doll...can't wait to meet her!

Stephanie said...

LOVE LOVE the pictures of Hannah! We had Chloe's pictures taken yesterday and are waiting to get them back. I still can't get over how much they look alike, do you think they do? I showed JJ and he was pretty surprised too. Such a cutie!