Saturday, September 10, 2011

Leah Is Two!

I'm really behind in my blogging right now so I'm just getting around to posting about my FAVORITE two year old!  Leah Shay turned two August 13th, just two days after Hannah was born!  Two weeks ago we got together at my parents house for a family birthday pool party for Miss Thang.  Considering her baby sister was born just two weeks before her birthday she didn't get a big party like last year.  I don't think she knew the difference. ;)  

Rachel and Dean came into town so Aunt Rachel could see her niece again and so Dean could meet Hannah.

Cindy, Rach, Austin and Hannah

Lynda loved spending time with sweet Hannah 

Haley passed out on Uncle Austin

Hannah passed out on Lynda.  It was the theme of the day for the little girls

I wish I could sleep like that at any time!

Mommy with her baby girl.  She was two weeks old here

Gabou came to town!  All the girls got lots of lovin'!  She got an extra special treat when Hannah left her a present in the shape of an umbilical cord on her shirt.  Nice.  ;) 

Present time for the birthday girl!  Leah LOVES her birthday, she walks around saying "MY birthday!"  

Austin, Hannah and I got her a car for her bday!  She loved it!

Mickey themed birthday cake, Leah's obsession!  The girl LOVES her some Mickey!

She drove her car right over to blow out the candle

"I drive Gabou!"

Happy girl driving around her baby doll


Little sister Haley just hanging out.  She's not ready to ride around with big sister just yet. 

Lainey hanging out with sleepy head Hannah

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!

I think she had a good time!

We love you soooo much Leah Shay!!

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