Tuesday, September 27, 2011


The weekend before last was a busy and fun one!  We started it off by going to Sams for the first time with Hannah.  It was her first official outing that wasn't a Drs office or another house.  We were almost to Sams when I realized we forgot her diaper bag!  Rookie mistake!  Luckily we were going for diapers and wipes so if needed, we could just open those up before buying them.  She slept the entire time so we were good.  :)
Saturday was Aggie game day so Hannah was all dressed up in her gear looking cute.  She has on ruffle bottoms that Lindsey bought her on at say "Gig Em" on the bottom and are SO cute, I need to get a picture of them.  Liz and Chris came over for dinner and to see Miss Hannah and get a glimpse of their VERY near future when their little girl arrives in a few months!  She and Hannah are going to be BFFs, we already know this. :)

Me and my sweet little girl, LOVE her!

Sunday we headed over to Tracy and Ryan's to hang out for Ryan's birthday.  A few days before that Hannah and I stayed the night while Austin was out of town.  This was the scene in the morning, babies just hanging out!

On Sunday Leah was running around like usual entertaining everyone and saw her baby doll.  Since Haley has arrived she's caught on to what's going on with Haley during feedings.  A few weeks ago she started "feeding" her baby dolls.  It's hilarious!  Since she's two and as seen in the pictures doesn't really know what she's doing we get a good laugh about it.  She's right though, that's how babies eat!  Sort of....
Leah feeding herself with the baby dolls bottle while being a good mommy and feeding her baby.

She's more talented than most, she can feed her baby AND herself AND walk around the house at the same time!  She's a multi-tasker.  Something I have not yet accomplished. ;)

Riding the horsey on Uncle Austin!

Haley was snoozing away most of the time we were there.  

Leah was being a sweet big sister and wanted Haley to have a scarf and stuffed animal while she was swinging.  She just piled stuff on her little sister.  Ha

Hannah snoozing away too

Check out those eyebrows!  I think we may have a little redhead on our hands!  Her eyebrows are getting more red by the day it seems.

Leah putting Pops' hat on her Mommy

Sweet girl giving kisses

Look who woke up!  Happy girl so cute

Giving Pops kisses

Kisses for Hannah

When the girls are together it's like a glimpse of what our lives would have been like with twins

Sweet cousins

Check out those forehead wrinkles!  She always raises her eyebrows, it's so cute


Just hanging out with Daddy

It was pretty much the most "non-birthday birthday" for Ryan but he did get presents still and we had fun.  We've all learned now that kids are involved our birthdays are no longer the same.  Hannah proved that one to me this year for sure!

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