Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sweet Tooth

Today Tracy and I had our 4th annual holiday cookie/candy making day.  We do this every year to give as Christmas gifts for our coworkers.  We start with LOTS of stuff!  We've pretty much got it down to a science.  She stirs this, I mix that, etc.

Leah decided since it's her 1st Christmas she wanted to help too!  She wanted to measure out the pecans first.

Then she decided her fingers were more interesting.  This picture cracks me up!

Aunt Kelly, why did you leave me here all alone?  I can't do this all by myself!

What do you mean we have to take a lunch break?!?  I'm on a ROLL!  I don't want to stop!!

Uh oh, Leah's got a sweet tooth!  Who gave you that lollipop Leah?

Here's the final product!  Toffee butter crunch, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, ginger snap cookies, peanut butter balls & Oreo cookie balls.  SO good!!

Now that all the baking is done it's picture time with our favorite girl!

Not quite ready for "real sweets" just yet...

All dressed and ready for her 1st holiday party with "My 1st Christmas" socks on!

Then I get home and B is super sleepy from all his exciting times with Gabby today.  Leah's not the only cute "baby" in our family!  ;)

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