Sunday, January 24, 2010

Weekend Fun

We had a fun and relaxing weekend, lots of Autrey time just hanging out.  Tracy and Leah spent the weekend at our parents house while Ryan was off with the boys skiing (Leah is going to be SOOO happy to see her Daddy today!).  All of us went out to dinner Friday and then lunch Saturday with our parents and Leah and that sweet baby girl would NOT let go of her toy!  It was so cute.  Tracy was strolling her to the car and she was just chillin' holding her arm in the air.

Such a happy baby!

We did a little shopping and Leah had the best time just hanging out!  She was just kicking her legs and talking away.  And drooling all over the place....

Lainey & Pops got Leah a new swing for her overnight visit and she loved it!  :)

Saturday night was Tracy's 1st night without Leah!  She stayed the night with Austin and me and the 3 of us went to see Avatar.  If you haven't seen it yet, you should GO!  While it's still in 3D at the movie theater for sure.  It's like moving art, seriously, but we all decided that no matter how good a movie is, it should never run over 2 hours!  Going to the movies is always fun but I'm wondering how long the theater has been hiding their SUPER nice 3D theater room from all of us because the chairs are leather and bigger, the actual theater is about twice the size of a regular one and there is more leg room (not that I need that...)!  Seriously, it was the Taj Mahal of movie theaters in there!

Here Tracy and I are wearing our super cool 3D glasses!  ;)  Even those are nice!  We expected the old school paper-like ones but now they are like real sunglasses!  Must be why the tickets were $14 each....

Thanks Autrey fam for such a fun weekend!  :)

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