Friday, July 5, 2013

Father's Day

Hey, remember when Father's Day came and went almost a month ago?  Yeah....I'm just now posting about it. 

Friday night before Father's Day I walked into Hannah's room like I always do to give her a kiss before I went to bed.  This is what I saw....

Girl was comfy.  We decided to go ahead and make her a little more comfy by moving her INTO the bed instead of hanging out of it.  She's so sweet, holding onto her baby doll even in her sleep.

We celebrated Father's Day at my parents house on Saturday.  The girls had a blast swimming as usual!  Hannah was at her happy place, the pool!

Haley was being a little bathing beauty.  :) 

After lots of swimming Hannah wanted Aunt Tracy to read her books.  Many many books. 

Uncle Ryan took a little nap on his day of celebrating being a Dad.  I think pretty much any time we all get together either Austin or Ryan fall asleep on the couch at some point.  It's a given.  They act like keeping up with toddlers in the pool is a tough job or something.  ;)

I went back in the room and all the girls wanted to read some books!

Haley being silly!  Girl loves her some goggles apparently.

We had a ton of fun on Saturday with the fam but on Sunday the three of us just hung out and got in Hannah's pool for a little while.  She loves her pool but not as much after a day of being in the BIG pool at Lainey and Pops house.

She was ready to go in her Minnie Mouse bathing suit!  Disney made it super frilly, just like Minnie is.  :)

Daddy getting her with the water hose!

Hold on Mommy, I need to get my "sungasses" on straight before I slide. 

Playing with Daddy

These two love each other a lot! 

Naked girl!

We had a great Father's Day weekend!

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etphonehome21 said...

That last pic is precious!!! Happy Dad's day to Austin.