Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Townsend Family Reunion 2013

About a month ago we headed back to Comfort, Texas for the Townsend family reunion.  It was a great weekend and amazingly we were only missing one family member (we missed you Drew)!  We headed up on Friday morning and I tried to get a pic of Hannah and Mommy together.  She's so silly.

We made a stop for lunch on the road, she did such a good job eating in the car!  

Hannah was SO excited to see her CiCi and Papa and had to start playing right away.  It needs to be noted that I'm 100% sure the most repeated saying of the weekend was "PAPA, where are you?!"  Hannah yelled that pretty much any time she was awake and couldn't see her Papa.

Hannah with two of her favorites; Papa and the water.

"Hannah swimming!"  She said that over and over.

Girl has some good balance!

Before dinner we took a few pics.  Hannah with her CiCi and Papa C.  They color coordinated, not on purpose!

CiCi, what's in your hand??


Papa C is crazy!

Sweet Libby gave Hannah a LOT of kisses over the weekend!

Hannah and Mommy

Friday night was the big 60th wedding celebration for Grandma and Grandpa.  Such a pretty cake!

Grandma with all her great granddaughters minus Alexis

Grandma and Grandpa with all their kids

Austin and me

Hannah was hilarious with the cake.  She doesn't get much cake around our house so Daddy was sharing a piece with her.  She ate lots of cake.

She was acting like a little bird when he would take a bite!  It was hilarious.

JB, Rachel and Cindy

Libby showing us her Gig 'Em!

Saturday morning after breakfast we all got together to take the annual family picture.  Hannah and CiCi wanted to look at the birds first.

The same picture from last year!

Each family was in a different color.  We're a big group!

We're also a crazy group!

CiCi with all the kids

The Mark Townsend crew

The Austin Townsend crew

Pat Townsend crew (minus Drew)

Papa, CiCi and their favorite girl

Hannah running!  CiCi running!  Papa running!  Hannah likes to announce what everyone is doing  :)

Gracie running!

Our annual family pic in front of the old wagon

Hannah and me in front of the wagon



Papa and Hannah saying "ready... set..."


We spent the rest of the morning walking around Comfort in Hannah's new wagon from her Lainey and Pops.

Gracie is so sweet with Hannah

We've visited this shop every year and the sweetest lady and her pug dogs are there everyday (this is the dogs "living space").  Hannah was in LOVE!!


Libby, Gracie and Hannah hanging out with the puppies

It brought tears to my eyes watching her with the dogs, she was just SO sweet and happy with them!  She kept saying "bye bye puppy" and giving them hugs and kisses.  Everyone else was outside waiting for several minutes while Hannah just couldn't walk away from the doggies.

The owner said she made her day.  :)  I think the puppies could have done without her visit...

Too cool

Papa pulling the girls to the park

Whatcha doin' Elizabeth??

You can tell by her outfit that she was having a pretty good time!

We headed back for a lunch birthday party and a change of clothes. 

Hey Mommy, I'm ready to party!  Who's coming with me??

Hannah and the birthday girl Aubrey!  They played so sweetly together all weekend.

Feeding CiCi some cupcakes

Birthday girl!

After that excitement it was naptime.  Daddy was ready, Hannah was not. Eventually, she gave in. :)

I put the camera away for the rest of the trip but I took a few more with my phone before we left Sunday morning.
I have a very similar picture from last year just like this!



Eating breakfast.  Bye bye Comfort! 

We had a great time and as always, loved seeing everyone!

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etphonehome21 said...

Loved hanging out with y'all. Hannah is just the best and all us Percival girls love her to bits.

You got such GREAT pictures!!! Can you email me the family photo your got of us on the swing?