Friday, July 19, 2013

Five On Friday

Today I'm linking up to Darci over at The Good Life Blog for her Five On Friday!

This Friday could NOT get here soon enough!  It's like this week was in slow motion for some reason.  But, these five things kept me going and made me smile!

Someone got a big girl bed this weekend!  It was out of necessity since she literally flipped out of her crib and scratched her cute little face up the weekend before.  She LOVES it and has been in heaven every night.  Mommy may/may not have shed a little tear now that her baby is not really a baby anymore...  Check out her proud face when she first got on her new bed.

Hannah's awesome babysitter tagged a picture on FB of the first time she watched Hannah when she was six months old!  O-M-G who is that little chubby baby?!  And the hair!!  I always forget just how bald she really was for so long!

This girl.  Her personality is just so awesome.  This morning she was saying to me "Hannah sleeping Mommy.  Shhhh."  All while having one eye open watching me. ;)  I love how she "sleeps" with her legs crossed, arms at her face and Minnie purse in her lap. 

Date night!  Thanks to my in-laws, Austin and I got to go out to dinner Saturday night!  RARE happening in our house!  We had a great time and ate some yummy food!  All while not having to rush because someone wants to run around the restaurant like a crazy little munchkin.  Side note: Hello self tanner, have we met?  I'm the ghost in the picture.  Someone needs to head to the store ASAP to take care of this problem!  You'd think it was winter or something with how pale I am! 

Tea parties with my sweet girl.  LOVE!  Not much is sweeter than having a tea party on the floor before bedtime.  Notice the pink socks?  She's obsessed.  They came with the above mentioned bedding on her big girl bed and she puts them on ALL THE TIME!  She loves them.  They are a beautiful shade of hot pink that has in the past week shedded itself all over our house.

An added bonus.  Here are the socks again.  ;)  What can I say??  She rocks the socks-to-your-knees look.

Have a great weekend everyone!



[darci @ the good life] said...

Y'all are just the cutest little family!! And are you kidding me......... such a big girl ALREADY in a big girl bed!! Ahhhh! Bittersweet, isn't it? Believe it or not, Jackson is still in his crib and happy as can be. This is baffling to me as the kid quite literally tries to CLIMB THE WALLS. No idea how he hasn't realized that he can climb out yet. Fine by me though I guess!

And a tea party??! Love that! Can we come over? Jackson will bring legos, fake frogs and a football to the little soiree, I'm quite sure! ;)

So glad you linked-up! Happy weekend to you and that sweet girl!!

Jamie Lynn said...

So cute!She's adorable with her pink socks! I am a new follower! stop by and say hi!