Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Townsend2014 Month 5

I'm a few months behind on posting all my daily Instagram pics but here is the month of May!  It was a busy and fun one!!

Day 121:  Dancing with Daddy!

Day 122: Hannah was ready to surprise Daddy when he got home!

Day 123: When Mommy's not at home you get to go to the store with Daddy in your jammies!

Day 124: Cookies make her so happy!

Day 125: Spaghetti night!  She eats so much cleaner now!

Day 126: Giving Mommy hugs since I don't feel great.  She's the sweetest girl ever.  She ran into our room and said "Mommy you don't feel good?  I need to give you hugs"

Day 127: This girl is just so sweet.  She ran inside today and said "I went poo poo in the potty today Mommy!  I want to make you happy!"

Day 128: Mommy, I give you kisses!

Day 129: Mosquito season begins.....

Day 130: First boat ride of the season!

Day 131:  This precious girl made my dreams come true when I became her Mommy.  It's my greatest blessing!  Happy Mother's Day!

Day 132: Handsome boy cleans up well!

Day 133: I love picking up school pictures!

Day 134: Potty training is fun right?!

Day 135: Tea with my princess!  Along with some singing I'm A Little Teapot!

Day 136: Fun dinner out!  Hannah saw girls in prom dresses and wanted to tell them they looked like pretty princesses.  So sweet!

Day 137: Someone is super excited that Mommy and Daddy are going car shopping!  M&D are super excited she's going to play at Lainey & Pops house while this happens.

Day 138: So much fun at the arboretum!

Day 139: First and last day of gymnastics!

Day 140: Higher Daddy higher!

Day 141: Tickets are bought!  We're going to have three very excited girls at the show!!

Day 142: My new ride!!  I still can't believe it's mine!

Day 143: Fun night with friends!

Day 144: Happy Saturday!

Day 145: Sunday funday! 

Day 146: Happy Memorial Day!  Thank you to all who serve our country!

Day 147: I came home to this sweet picture.  She loves reading her Bibles!  When she was done she said "the end".  Haha.

Day 148: I seriously don't know how that tongue fits in his itty bitty little mouth!

Day 149: I had this playing in the car this afternoon and Hannah said "I like this song Mommy, turn it up!"

Day 150: Leah graduated!  Next stop kindergarten!

Day 151:  Girls night!  Love you girls!

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