Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve we headed over to my aunt and uncles house to spend the evening with the fam.  

Leah with her Lainey & Pops

We had yummy food and the cutest cupcakes

Leah with her Lainey

My cousin Emily and me

Leah with her two grandmas!  Ryan's mom joined us this year from Ohio.  So glad you came Mary! 

Beautiful table

Pretty sparkly tree :)

Peek a boo!  Where did BABY Leah go??

Leah, Ryan and her Gabou

Not the best picture of me but it was the only time Leah sat still long enough with me that night.  She was a busy girl! 

The hosts of the evening, Jeff & Janet 

Our attempt at a family picture.  Only one of us wasn't happy about that as you can see...  ;)

Me & the hubs

Leah was the best Santa that night!  She would take everyone their gifts

Even the big ones!

She got to open a gift finally!  She was SO excited when she saw her drum....

and was pretty upset when they couldn't get all the parts out fast enough!  Ha!  Note to self: ALWAYS take everything apart before presenting it to a 16 month old.  They don't understand "give me one minute".

Happy girl with her drum sticks!

We had such a fun night, had lots of laughs and enjoyed hanging out together.  Next up, Christmas Day!

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