Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Tour Of Homes

I'm linking up again this year to Kelly's Korner and The Nester Christmas Tour of Homes!  I did this last year and not much is different about our house this year but I figured I'd share again.

Welcome to our home!
This is the beautiful wreath that my Mom and Aunt made for me a few years ago.  

I love this berry wreath and hang it in our entry way.

Next up, dining room.  Not too much you can do with a china cabinet so I just dress it up with extra ornaments

Festive dining room table

Our bar area

I display our holiday cards on the baker's rack in the kitchen.  I love checking the mail everyday for new cards.  :)

The kitchen gets a little holiday love

You have to have some holiday Aggie representation in our house

I love this frame but the picture in it is from last year.  I probably should get around to changing that...  The little bird house holds a candle that last year to me smelt SO good but for some reason this year I can't even light it.

I made this wreath out of ornaments last year and hang it on the pantry

Entering the living room!

The angel at the top is so neat to me.  It's from Southern Living at Home and is called the Santos Angel.  When we were engaged and I was having bridal showers I noticed this angel at each hostesses house.  I thought it was such a coincidence that I needed to get one for our house!  They only sell it during the holidays so I ended up finding one on ebay.  :)

Our mantle.  I LOVE getting to light the fireplace this time of year!

This is the table to the right of the mantle.  I change out the flowers for each season.

Last but certainly not least, our Christmas tree!  I love our tree and even though I decorated it myself, I still stop and check it out probably once a day.

We have SO many cute ornaments but I really love the ones that we got from different places.  This moose is from our vacation in Crested Butte a few summers ago.

Here is our Santa from Tracy & Ryan's wedding in Jamaica.  So much fun!

We even have old school ornaments from when we were kids.  :)  This one is mine from 1988

Our tree gets plenty of Aggie love too of course

Brody "wanted" to get his picture taken in front of the tree too.  ;)  He's really shaking his paw so he can get a treat from his Daddy who was standing right behind me.  Ha!  Hey, whatever you gotta do, right??

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!


ASHELY said...

Merry Christmas, your home looks great. I love the decorations...Also, your dog is a cutie! My dog sits "pretty" all the time! Feel free to swing by my blog and say hello!

Stephanie said...

Cute Cute!

Steve-n-Angela said...

Your house looks beautiful!! Love Love Love your tree!!

Ashlee | Prairie Cottage said...

Found your blog through The Nester and stopped dead when I saw your little Brussels! I have two Brussels of my own, so of course I had to come check out your cute pictures! :) Your home looks beautiful and Brody is such a doll!

michelle ellis said...

So, so pretty Kelly! Your tree is amazing, and I love your bar area!

Ashlee McCrary said...

Just saw your blog from Kelly's Korner! beautiful decorations! We live in the Houston area too!

Anonymous said...

That wittle doggy is SO CUTE!!! The decorations are beautiful too, of course :) Love the ornament wreath..awesome that you made it! Merry Christmas!

my tour here:

Vintagesouthernlife said...

Your home looks so pretty and your little fur baby is precious!