Monday, April 19, 2010

Mo Co Cookoff

This weekend we spent all our time at the Montgomery County Cookoff.  Austin and a few of his buddies are on a team there and it is WAY different than the Houston Rodeo Cookoff!  It is MUCH more casual with a "different" kind of crowd but a great time.  The wives actually got to help for this cookoff!  The guys don't let us touch anything at the Houston Cookoff except help serve dinner so it's nice to be able to help out.   The only thing that isn't different is that it's still a party!  :)

There was a white tiger couple there.  Why?  Not sure, but we still saw them.  This male was 500 lbs and he looked like he wanted OUT!

See!  I actually WAS helping!  :)  I was pulling apart the pork that was AWESOME!

Me with the hubby

This is what an awards ceremony looks like in Mo Co.  Miss Montgomery County and all!  ;)

A few of the cooks!

Cliff, Julie & Austin (aka Thompson for the weekend)

Me & Tiff who's almost ready for Baby P #3 to appear!

Kyle with Baby P #2 Kenzie (who by the way is one of the most well behaved little girls I've ever met!  Such a sweet little girl)

The "ice sculpture" at our friends tent

The Ogorchocks and Townsends

The boys showing their best fist pumps!  Nice boys, nice.  :)

Mike with the ice mug

Julie and me

The Williams and Townsends.  Don't you love how people squat in pictures when clearly you will all fit in the frame?!

Chip, I don't think you have the right jacket!

My partners in crime!

Such a fun weekend!  I can't wait for my next few posts, I have a VERY busy week but fun one coming up!


Dede said...

Looks like FUN!! Wish we could have made it!

Tracy said...

I love your necklace!!