Sunday, April 4, 2010

Mr. O's the Big 6-0!

Saturday we went to Mike Ogorchock's surprise 60th birthday crawfish boil.  It was a great time!

The famous cake balls!  SOOO yummy!


The man responsible for all the tasty crawfish, Mr. Trocquet

Yummy!  Just a small amount of the 120 lbs that were boiled

Mike & Austin taking a break from frying shrimp and oysters

Just a few of the Ostermann men

Amanda, Maggie, Dede & Audrey

The birthday boy and my buddy Will.  He may not look too happy when I took this picture but he really was saying "cheese!"  :)

Will's little sis Audrey really wishing she could get that Diet Coke open!  She's so cute

The Townsends

Bride & Groom to be!  Next Saturday is the big day!

Maggie, Mike & Amanda

6-0!  Mike's apple cake, Katie also made bread pudding that was GOOD!!  I didn't get a picture of it because it was literally gone within minutes.

Last batch of crawfish, the spiciest batch!  So good!

Check out this freakishly long bottle of wine!  Some of the boys actually prefer Keystone beer for some reason.  The rest of us prefer Miller Lite  :)

The Trocquet fam

Kelly & Katie

And now we've entered the "Maggie looking for Lily the kitty" portion of the post.  Maggie loves Lily, Lily isn't so sure about Maggie.  Here she is checking under the bed for Lily.

I ran to the other side of the bed and got this pic of Maggie searching for the "kitty".  

Kitty hiding from Maggie

Noah & Maggie checking out Lily who had moved into the living room

How cute is this picture?!  Notice Lily staring back at them on the left.

You know you've been at the party for a while when Miller Lite starts to "grow" in the vegetable garden.  Silly guys

Maggie smelling the roses with her Pupa

This has nothing to do with the birthday party but check out the beautiful flowers my friends Meg & Wade sent me on Saturday.  I had a rough couple of weeks so it was so sweet!  Thanks again guys!!

Have a happy Easter everyone!

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