Monday, December 17, 2012

Happy 60th Birthday!

My Mom's 60th birthday was on December 2nd and since everyone was in town we all got together for a bday celebration at Tracy and Ryan's house!  Here's our entire family minus two of our cousins and their families.  It's still kind of hard to look at the pictures because Uncle Jeff isn't in them but he's with us in spirit always.

My Mom with her sister-in-laws and besties 

These pictures crack me up.  The birthday girl wanted a picture with her granddaughters.  Leah and Hannah were ready to go on Lainey's lap.  Haley....not so much. 

She was NOT going to be pushed into the picture! 


Silly girl! 

Hannah with her Lainey 

Four of the six Autrey girls 

Poor Ross, he's the only boy out of all seven of the cousins! 

Uncle Tom and Hannah making faces at each other.  She LOVES her Uncle Tom! 

Hannah's silly faces!  She is such a ham! 

Happy 60th birthday Mom/Lainey!  We love you!

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