Friday, November 11, 2011

Three Months Old!

Baby girl, you are THREE months old today!  These have been the quickest and happiest three months of our lives!  Today is even more of a special day because it is the one year anniversary of when I had my embryo transfer and you officially became YOU!  This time last year we were hoping and praying SO hard for you and now we get to love on you every day and we just couldn't be any happier.  What a difference a year makes!

Three months old!

Happy girl

Hannah, here is what you've been up to in your third month!

Sleep: Sweet baby girl, you are the BEST sleeper at night!  Daddy and I are SO lucky that you sleep so well.  You've been sleeping through the night since after you were one month old but now you don't even wake up in the mornings, I wake you up to nurse you around 5am and then I put you back to sleep until it's time to leave for the day around 6:30.  You go to sleep every night around 7:30-8pm and on the weekends you wake up on your own between 7-8am.  We are blessed beyond belief with this and we know it!  You still aren't consistant with your napping but you usually get at least two-three hours of naps throughout the day according to Lainey.

Daily Routine: This is kind of different now since I've been back to work for two weeks.  Right now I wake you up to nurse you around 5am, you go back to sleep until around 6:30 and then we head to Lainey and Pop's house for you to spend the day playing with your Lainey. Most days you sleep an hour here and there instead of taking that long afternoon nap you used to take.  You spend the day switching from playing on your activity mat (which you LOVE now!), swinging in the swing and watching your mobile.  I pick you up around 4:30 and we head home to hang out until Daddy gets home.  Then your Daddy and I take turns eating dinner while the other one plays with you and then it's bath time (you looooove bath time!), nursing and you're out for the night until the next morning!

Feed: You still LOVE nursing and love to eat pretty much at anytime.  You get bottles during the day now while I'm at work and you take those great.  I don't think it matters what/how you're being fed, you just want to eat!  You always prefer nursing over a bottle I think because it comforts you but you take a bottle like a champ, always have.  This month I started adding a bottle of formula into your feedings just to make sure you get enough food.  When I'm at home you don't get the formula but I was getting nervous about you not having enough when I'm gone so we added that bottle into your routine just to be safe and it's going great!  You are just the happiest little baby when you're eating.  Sometimes you'll just look up at me and smile while you're nursing, it's so cute.  Lainey says sometimes you do that while she feeds you a bottle too.  Right now you get a 4oz bottle which you only finish about half the time, other times you like to eat a little and then come back to finish it after a break.

Weight: We went to the doctor yesterday and you weighed 12 lbs 3.5 oz. (37%)  Almost 4 lbs more than at birth!  You've grown more this month than any other month so far for sure.  You're actually getting little chubby legs which is so cute.  It's crazy though because last month you were in the 50% of your weight and now you're 37% but you're SO much bigger!  You're growing soooo fast, Daddy says it's way too fast for him and I agree!

Length: I'm not sure you're length right now, we'll find out at your four month check-up.  You are still long and lean, just getting bigger everyday!

Diaper Size: You wear size 1 Pampers diapers

Clothes Size: Some 0-3 month sizes but mostly 3 month sizes. You're so long that I think we'll be moving you to 6 month jammies soon!  I think you're going to be a tall girl.  It's sad packing away all your little clothes, you are just growing so fast!

Hair Color: We're still not really sure what your hair color is. It's definitely getting darker and looks like it will be brown but then in the sun it looks reddish.  You're eyebrows are still light and have a red tint to them so who knows!   Your hair is growing pretty quickly now, it's the softest hair I've ever felt.

Eye color: Your eye color is still the same as at birth, it's a dark blue/gray color. Daddy always says they look green to him which wouldn't surprise me because he and I both have hazel/green eyes.  Everyone always comments on how alert you are because you're always looking around and following us with those big beautiful eyes.

Funniest moment: You've really started talking this month!  You make us laugh with the noises that you make and you try to mimic us when we make sounds at you.  You are seriously one of the happiest babies I've ever seen and you smile constantly!  When you're not fussy of course...  When you see someone you love you do the cutest thing, you kind of tilt your head down all shy like and get a huge smile on your face and bury your head in the person's shoulder who's holding you and then look back at the person you're admiring.  It is so sweet.  We couldn't have asked for a happier baby!

Milestone: You are really close to rolling over!  You're advanced too, in my opinion of course ;) because you are trying to roll over back to front instead of the opposite way.  This is a new thing this week.  You've found your voice this month also and you just love to coo and make sounds at us and squeal when you're excited.  You've also started giggling at us too!  It's so cute!  It just melts my heart.

Your favorite toy: Your favorite toy hands down is your little cloth crinkly sounding book.  We never go anywhere without it.  You are also obsessed with your hands!  Not necessarily a toy, but your hands sure do entertain you and you just stick them in front of your face and look like you're concentrating really hard on how to get them from in front of you to in your mouth.  You always succeed.  ;)  You just suck on your hands like crazy and drool all over yourself while doing it.  Hey, whatever makes you happy!  You also have really enjoyed your activity mat this month, last month you still weren't interested but you just lay on it now and look at all the lights kicking and trying to hit everything that's hanging down in front of you.
You and Haley enjoying some activity mat time at Lainey & Pops house
Some of your firsts this month were:
Being away from Mommy during the day
Visiting a pumpkin patch (pictures soon)
First time sitting in a pumpkin (a whole post on that to follow)
Hanging out in your Bumbo seat for longer periods of time
Staying with Lainey all day
Roadtrip to College Station
Aggie game

Here are some outakes from your three month photo session

Never without those hands far from your mouth!

I have SO much catching up I need to do on the blog to show everything we've done this month.  Hopefully I'll get to some of that this weekend.

We love you so much Hannah Lee!

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Stephanie said...

I can't believe that 12 lbs is only in the 30th percentile! I'm afraid to know how much Chloe weighs. :) And she just started doing the thing too where she'll look at someone (usually herself in the mirror) and then bury her head in your shoulder like she's embarrassed. Too cute! Sounds like Hannah is just doing wonderful!