Sunday, November 13, 2011

First Aggie Game

A few weeks ago we headed to College Station for the first of many Aggie football games that Miss Hannah will attend!  Times sure have changed.  It was an 11:00am game against Missouri and I had to wake up at 6am to make sure we got on the road in time.  Austin was so excited to take his baby girl to one of his favorite places!

On the road with some entertainment

Hannah's first time at Kyle Field!

We were lucky enough to be in a suite for the game.  I don't think I know we wouldn't have brought Hannah if we had to sit in the stadium seats.  She's a high maintenance girl. ;)

One of the many benefits of watching the game in a suite!  Hannah could be changed and fed all in one spot and we didn't have to go searching for a public bathroom.

Watching the game with Daddy!  I thought for a while that she was the Aggies good luck charm but I was wrong.  :(  My friend Allison makes these cute bows and it was so funny because during the game they show people in the stands on the jumbo tron and they showed a little girl wearing the same bow and Austin's bachelor boss said "Hey, Austin!  That girl has the same bow as Hannah!"  It just cracked me up that 1. he noticed Hannah's bow enough to recognize a similar one and 2. he was yelling around for Austin so he could see the similar bow as well.
Cutest little Aggie I've ever seen!

Fightin' Texas Aggie Band at halftime

Maggie was so cute, as soon as she found out Hannah was there she wanted us to bring her down to see her. She was just amazed and kept petting Hannah.  It was too cute.

Just touching Hannah and being so sweet to her!

Over and over again...  ;)  She's going to be such a good big sister to her little sister arriving soon!

Mike and Austin with their sweet girls

Three men and a baby

Hannah makes me laugh in this picture.  She's checking Maggie out.

Our attempt at a family picture.  It was a fail.  :(

Sleepy girl.  She slept through the 3rd quarter.

We met up with AJ, Aunt Nan and Uncle Jeff after the game.  Hannah got lots of lovin'!

Ok Mommy, enough pictures already.  She looks like her Daddy here big time!

We met everyone to tailgate after the game.  We only lasted about an hour before heading back home but we had a great time!  This made me laugh, Austin was shading his baby girl from the sun, he was afraid she'd get a sunburn walking from the stadium to the tailgate.  So sweet.

Can't wait until next season when we get to bring her to more games!

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Stephanie said...

LOL, that last picture cracks me up! Oh the things our men will do for our babies!