Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Liz's Bachelorette Bash!

Ok, I'm a little behind in blogging lately due to technical difficulties so I have a few posts to catch up with.  We'll start with our girls road trip to New Braunfels for Liz's bachelorette party weekend.

Beth and I ready to hit the road!

Liz, Ashley and Amber all buckled up and ready for 3 hours of being in the car with my awesome driving skills.  :)

Two hours later.  Hi, My name is Kelly and I have an addiction to all things Buc-ee's.  I can't help myself!

We arrived Friday evening at the Rock St. Retreat which was so cute

The main house

Our cozy little living room

The guest house

This was where a few of us slept.  It was cold and awesome!

Lots of areas to hang out outside!

Our goody bags

Liz showing off the goods!

Me & Beth.  Amber took this picture and I swear she's not 7 ft tall but you'd think it with how short we look.

Ok, if I have an addiction to Buc-ee's then Liz has an addiction to all kinds of jerky.

Jill & me

Ashley, Beth & Amber hanging out

Liz with the cutest bathing suit ever!  Ashley's grandma embroidered it and the front had a little sparkly ring picture on it.

Our friendly neighbors checking out the loud girls who took over for the weekend.  ;)

Our other friendly neighbor.  He was probably thinking "you think this fence will keep me away from you girls? I think not..."  He was a good boy and stayed on his side of the fence though.  :)

Saturday morning we all got ready to float the river.  Liz was prepping for the float with a special drink.

Me with the bride-to-be!

Heading to the river

We were on the tube bus heading to the drop-off and I noticed this.  Beth's brother and sister-in-law's mark on the bus!  Jared & Shelly

Floating the COLD river

Beth & Amber

And then the rain started.  BIG TIME!!  It made for a very cold and wet float but it was still fun!  It was warmer to be IN the river than to be in your tube at that point.

Ready for a night on the town!

Looking good there future Mrs. Johnson!

Tracy & I ready to head out

Liz with the Autrey girls

Beth and I heading to Gruene Hall

Our crew outside Gruene Hall to see Reckless Kelly perform

Gotta love the decor 

Amber, Beth & me

Our old high school crew.  We've all known each other since middle school, some since before then!

Liz, you having fun??

Yeah, I'd say so.  ;)

It was such a great weekend!  It was the 1st of the 3 weekends in a row that we're celebrating Liz & Chris so more to come!

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Stephanie said...

Great pictures! I've never been on a float trip before, but it looks like a blast - sorry the rain threw a wrench in your plans though.