Tuesday, September 14, 2010

30 Is The New 20!

That's what Brad kept telling me over the weekend at least...  Thursday was my 30th birthday and I have to admit, I wasn't too excited about turning 30 but it was great!

Austin was so sweet and got me flowers, breakfast and a card in the morning.

Beautiful flowers!

Thursday night we headed out to dinner at Pappadeaux, it was SO GOOD!

Saturday night Tracy, Liz & Austin threw me a birthday bash at our house.  They are the best!

All the 30 stuff

1980 trivia playing cards!

Two of my besties  :)

Me with the hubs/BBQ grill master

A few Townsends!

Austin with his momma

Tracy gave me the best gift for my bday!  We have a slight obsession with Gilmore Girls so she got me the same thing I got her for her 30th bday, the entire series!  SO awesome!  L.O.V.E it!

Miss Leah gave me birthday kisses for my bday  :)

Leah loves Amber  :)

Carter and Leah sharing like good little kids.  It was so sweet

Leah having so much fun with Pops!

Look who learned how to drink out of a straw!

The best party planners ever!  They were so sweet to do everything and on top of it all they scheduled a surprise mani/pedi for me for Saturday so I wouldn't try to help set up.  :)  They know me too well!

My little buddy who was too interested in everything else to look at the camera

So, we decided that the food theme of this party was bacon and jalapeños.  Just about everything had one or the other included.  Seriously.  I don't think they planned that either.  Here were some of the bacon wrapped chicken/jalapeño/cheese things Cindy made.  YUM!

One of the two birthday ice cream cakes.  Funny story about the cakes.  Liz ordered them and showed up at the WRONG store!  A completely different company and everything.  Ha!  So, she got two yummy replacement cakes.  :)

Hopefully I get my wish!  ;)

Tracy & Megan

Liz & Chris

This was funny.  Tracy came up to me and said "I think Dad parked RIGHT UP to my car!"  So we went out to investigate.

You think he got close enough?!?  Ha!  Nice job Dad!  ;)

Chris giving his best "monster" face.  That's his name for B.

Brad, Austin and Stephen hanging out

Rach & Me

Sweet Dede and me.  
Just so you know, I didn't paint my house yellow, it just look that way in these pictures for some reason.  Weird.  I need to check out my camera settings apparently.

Katie showed up late night!  

Tracy got me "3-0" sparklers!  They were funny, and scared me a little bit.  Ha!

My buddy Stephen.  We all have the best stories about this guy, he cracks us up!  

All the crazy kids playing beer pong

Katie & Lunchbox

Uh oh, they are celebrating something here...

Brad (who was asking to be called Bradley at this point) and Dean (aka. Benjamin Franklin to
So nice of them to come all the way down here for the party!

"Bradley" and me

Me and my sis!  Love her!

I had a great 30th birthday and bday party!  Thank you everyone for coming and having fun with me!  I have the best family and friends anyone could ask for!!  :)

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Chani said...

Looks like a fun party, Kelly! Happy 30th! I'm quickly headed that direction, myself! :) Oh well, we're like fine wine- right?? ;)