Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Adventures In Babysitting

Labor Day weekend was 100% about LEAH!  Austin and my Dad were on a boys trip, Tracy & Ryan were both out of town and my Mom and I were watching Leah over the weekend.  
This is a pretty good picture of what it's like watching Leah.  She has all her toys around playing with several at once while making funny faces.  :)

Friday night after we went out to dinner Leah wanted to watch some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  You think she likes it??  (some of the pictures are iPhone pics, sorry for poor quality)

Dancing girl!

After Leah partied enough she went roaming the house and found her car seat that her Daddy brought.   
She was busy figuring out how to get in it.


But how do you get out??

Pretty Leah all banged up.  :(  She just started walking on her own last week and has had a few falls along the way...

Happy girl eating breakfast!

Leah wanting to love on Minnie.  So sweet

Leah learned how to give kisses this weekend!  They may be a tad wet but they're still good kisses.  :)

Us at The Cheesecake Factory. She may not look so happy here but I promise she was. :)  I think she might have had a puff in her mouth.

The three of us!

We took her to get some shoes now that she's a big girl walker.  She wasn't a fan of getting her feet measured.

A Mum Mum helped make up for that!  Leah with her new kicks.

Silly girl entertaining me on the way back to Lainey's house

This is what Leah thinks of shopping

Leah is pretty new to the sippy cup concept. She eventually decided trying to drink like that wasn't going to work. Smart girl. :)

This is what three dogs look like after watching Leah run around. My Mom and I could relate. ;) Check out Gabby WAY down behind the cushion. Ha!

Who ya talking to Leah? She needed her cell phone.  Too bad her Daddy forgot to leave her DIAPER BAG where her cell phone is (along with lots of other important items)!

She is so smart, she knows which toys are the dogs and tries to give the toys to them.  As you can see, Gabby was super interested in this...

Saturday afternoon we headed to my house and Leah was happy for a change of scenery.  She was a wild girl!

This video cracks me up!  I feel kind of bad for watching and laughing but it was just too funny not to.  That is Brody's toy by the way.  I guess he figured since her toys were all over HIS house he wasn't about to give up one of his!

Leah, you won't find anything to eat in there...

This girl LOVES to eat!

I put down her Bumbo seat and she kept trying to get into it.  As you can see she was getting a little frustrated...  This went on for a while.  Over and over again.

Yay!  With a little help from Aunt Kelly she got in!

Little girl wore herself OUT!

Sunday evening Leah and I headed back to her house to wait for her Mom to get back from the airport.  The 1st thing she went to was the kitchen we made her!  :)

Monday morning Tracy showed Leah a picture of Ryan on her phone.  She loves her Daddy.  So cute!  I love how she smiles and points to him when she sees him.  :)

So, like I said, this weekend was all about Leah and it was so much fun!  Exhausting, but fun  :)  I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend!


Chani said...

Kelly, this is such a fun post! You're the best aunt ever! I love the new shoes and all her funny faces. :) Miss ya girlie!

The Drama Mama said...

Hey girl! I was clicking on some of the blogs I recently designed and noticed that your date and title posts aren't showing up??? Have you noticed this? Did it just start? If you email me, holliea {at} ymail {dot} com, I will get it fixed for you! I hope you are doing well! HUGS!