Sunday, July 11, 2010

Party & Pool Time

This weekend was a busy one!  We had a date night on Friday, a birthday party on Saturday for Audrey and her daddy and then pool time with Leah on Sunday.

Audrey's birthday spread

1st birthday cake!

Some of the boys

Miss Audrey wondering why everyone is singing to her

Audrey wasn't too interested in her cake but she did like the smaller cupcake

Little cutie

Me & the hubby

Laura Lou & me

Nice shades Big Dan!  They're very manly...

Oh Goertz, between the heart shades and the short shorts I don't even know what to say!  ;)

Me, Dede & Laura

The birthday boy & girl

I wish this picture came out more clear but it's still so cute.  Austin & Audrey holding hands walking to the house  :)

Sunday was pool time!  Leah & Lainey

Happy girl!  She looks so big here!!

For anyone who reads this that knew Tracy/saw pictures of her as a baby, how much does Leah look like her in this picture?!

It was a super busy but fun weekend.  Everyone have a great week!

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