Thursday, July 21, 2011

38 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 38 Weeks
Size of baby: Hannah is about the size of a watermelon, BIG!
Total Weight Gain: 22 lbs, I lost another pound this week.  
Maternity Clothes: All maternity clothes
GenderGIRL!!! Hannah Lee Townsend
Movement: Hannah LOVES to move around!  She's been keeping me up at night having a party in there but now it's not so fun, it hurts.  Every time she moves now I can feel it ALL over and it's pretty uncomfortable but it's nice to know she's still doing ok in there and just wiggling around.  Last night I swear to you, she was trying to get out!  Austin was across the room and even he saw it!  She kicked or punched right at the center of my stomach and it was almost pointy because of how far she was stretching.
Sleep: What's sleep??  I'm now sleeping in a king sized bed all by myself and Austin and B are in one of the guest rooms.  It's just me and my pillows in there because I wake up SO much and move a LOT and it's really hard to just get comfortable and go back to sleep.  On average I wake up usually 3-5 times a night and am up for at least an hour during one of those times unable to go back to sleep.  That is NOT fun!!  I know once Hannah arrives it will be the same case because I'll be up feeding her but at least I'll have a reason for being awake, not just laying awake for no reason wishing I was asleep.    
Cravings: Sweets, ice cream
What I Miss: Moving around like a normal person and sleeping through the night
Symptoms: Heartburn ALL THE TIME, absent mindedness, swelling, shortness of breath, LOTS of BH contractions.  Since I've gone on rest the swelling is SO much better!  I also am happy to report that I have zero stretch marks which makes me super excited.  Thank you genetics for that!  I do have lots of veins in my stomach that I've never noticed before.  Austin said it's because my stomach is so stretched out now.  He's right, it is STRETCHED!!  And pale.  And HUGE.  Oh, and my belly button is just starting to pop out a little.  The tops of my thighs are starting to ache too and the nurse said it was because Hannah is pushing my pelvic bones open to get ready for birth.  I'm glad to hear there is some progression but it's not the most comfortable feeling...  It's weird to think that you can feel your bones moving apart though.
Best moment this week: We got to hear Hannah's heartbeat this morning at the doctors office and she's still going strong at 141bpm.  She's a strong little girl in there and we can't wait to meet her!  We also took a newborn care class at the hospital this week and learned a lot on what to expect the first days/weeks she's here.  It was really helpful, especially for Austin who said he hadn't changed a diaper in about 15 years.  He's quickly going to become an old pro!  Soon!!

I have loved loved loved being pregnant with little Miss Hannah but I have to say, I'm ready for her to arrive!  Or as ready as I can be.  Bags are packed, house is ready and now all we are doing is waiting!  We just can't wait to meet her and start this new part of our lives.  I go back to the doctor on Tuesday and I'm hoping sometime next week she'll decide she wants to come!  :)  

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Stephanie said...

We have a newborn class this coming week also and I hope we learn TONS of information! I can't believe that Hannah could be here next week?! You look great, and I hear you on the lack of sleep, but not too much longer and you will have your baby girl in your arms!