Friday, July 29, 2011

Introducing Haley Rae Josefovsky!

Yesterday Haley made her entrance into the world!  After the quickest labor and delivery EVER she was here!  Tracy was a champ and was only in labor about 4 1/2  hours and pushed maybe 10 minutes and out came Haley Rae!  She is absolutely precious and looks just like her big sister Leah did when she was born.

Waiting around for baby girl #2 to arrive!  And it's our last pregnant picture taken together!

Tracy and her nurse Annie, who also just happens to be one of her friends!  They got to know each other really well by the end of the day!  Ha!  It was neat to have someone you know in there the entire time helping you along.

Tracy and Ryan waiting on their 2nd daughter to arrive

She's here!

Haley and her Aunt Kelly (who cried like a baby when I held Haley, I guess those pregnancy hormones kicked in!  Or maybe it's because it's so crazy that I'm going to have a little one myself in just a matter of days!)

Lainey and Haley (she wasn't too happy the first few hours of her new life, ha!)  Either that or she was just really into the sound of her own voice.  

Big girl getting all checked out!  I went down to the nursery with her to take some pictures and the only thing that soothed her was sucking on her own fingers. 

Look at that little tooshie getting all cleaned up!  Too cute.  She wasn't a big fan of her 1st bath.

Uncle Austin was really interested in everything they were doing to Haley in the nursery.  He was amazed that there was a baby that size (and probably bigger actually) in my belly right now.  I've been aware of this fact for a while but I guess it just dawned on him when he saw a newborn. Ha!

Tracy and I hanging out waiting on Haley to come back from the nursery.  I told my mom when we got there that people were going to think I was there to be admitted for delivery.  I was right too!  I was walking down the hall after seeing Haley in the nursery and one lady asked me if the nurse had me "walking the halls" to speed up labor.  Ha!  I said "nope, I have a few more days!"

 All cleaned up and back with her Mommy!

Mini Leah!  Her tiny nose is squished a little bit from delivery but it already starting straightening out by the time Austin and I left.   

Uncle Austin getting some newborn practice in! 

Love those cheeks!

Haley and Aunt Kelly again

Proud Aunt & Uncle

I took her cap off and boy were we surprised when we saw all that hair!!  She's got a head full of it!  THAT is NOT like her big sister!  

I swear, it's the softest hair I've ever felt in my life!

Today Haley gets to meet her Pops (he was babysitting Leah) and her big sister!  

Haley Rae Josefovsky
Born July 28, 2011 at 4:58pm
7lbs 14oz (same as big sister)
19 3/4 inches long

Welcome to the world Haley Rae!  We all love you and are so happy you're here!  Now, if only your cousin Hannah would take a hint....

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Stephanie said...

I saw the word Introducing in your title and freaked! I thought Hannah was here. Congrats to all of you on the new bundle of joy and what an awesome way to deliver - 4 1/2 hours and 10 pushes. I'll take that!