Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Babysitting Big Girl!

Friday night Austin and I babysat Leah while her parents went out and boy, did she have fun!  She was so excited to play with us that she didn't even say bye to Mama and Dada.

She and Uncle Austin worked on her Mickey Mouse puzzle for a while.  Over and over and over....

Then Leah explained to Uncle Austin all the important things that the celebrities are doing in US Weekly.  

Then she got out her stuffed snake and it kept biting our knees saying "PPPSSSSS!!".  

She thought that was SO funny!

Clearly, Uncle Austin was a hit both with Minnie and Leah!  She kept running into the corner and playing "ready set go" with Austin.  He would say "ready...." and she'd say "set!" and then he'd say "GO!" and she'd run over as fast as she could and he'd pick her up in the air and she'd just laugh and laugh.

Before bedtime we compromised on Leah watching JUST ONE Mickey Mouse show.  That's her new thing now, holding up her pointer finger and saying "Just one Mickey" to try to squeeze more Mickey time out of you.  So, when she said "Just one Mickey Aunt K" of course I had to let her watch it!  She's so cute, she can't say her Ls yet so I'm Aunt K for now and her Lainey is Yay-nee. 
It was a great night with only one upset when we made her get out of the bathtub.  She wanted to stay in longer and play but it was bedtime.  When we put her in her bed she said "night night Aunt K" "night night Uncle Austin".  Sooo sweet.  :)  We love our little Leah bug!

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