Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Little Fishy

Sunday we all headed to my parents house to hang out and swim with Leah, the last time when all the attention is on her before the baby girls arrive!  

Leah LOVES to swim and is getting more independent and was kicking around on this float thing all by herself

I still can't believe she's about to be TWO in a few weeks!

Hanging out on her Daddy's shoulders, getting dunked.  She held onto his ears for protection.

She thought this was SO funny!

After swimming, just hanging out on the couch watching Mickey.  She looks like such a big girl just lounging like this!

Apparently Mickey isn't quite as entertaining to Austin as he is to Leah.

I didn't realize it until now that it was the last time we'd all be hanging out with just Leah as the only kid.  Tracy is due tomorrow with baby Haley and I'm due next Thursday with baby Hannah!  It's going to be a busy few weeks for our family!

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Stephanie said...

Oh wow, oh wow - next Thursday! I can't believe it! It's been great going along on this journey with you. I can't wait to start our next journey together!! Hang in there momma, not much longer now!