Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Since I've been on rest the last few weeks I've pretty much spent 90% of my time either on the couch or in bed.  It's boring but necessary and I really can't imagine still working so I'm very grateful to my doc for putting a stop to that!  I'm uncomfortable daily now and Miss Hannah is just getting bigger and bigger everyday and letting me know it with her movements!  This girl can make me go from feeling normal to hurting in about two seconds depending on how she moves around.  It's crammed in there apparently!  
So, I don't have much to blog about since I don't really do anything but I do still take lots of pics with my phone so I'm going to share what's been going on with me through those pics.

This was taken the weekend before I went on rest.  Pretty Leah saw something she liked in the mirror!  Such a cutie!

This was later in the day when Tracy and I went to spend my exchange/gift card money on things I still needed to get for Hannah off our registry.  I love shopping with gift cards (thank you friends and family!), it's so much fun since you don't freak out when they give you your total!  Trust me, I WOULD have freaked at that total!!

This is what B looks like daily.  He's our little bum.  I'm not sure if he likes me being home everyday or not though because I disrupt his all day napping schedule.  Sometimes he goes into our closet to nap I think just to get peace and quiet.  Ha!

Me trying to get Hannah's diaper bag put together and sending pics to Tracy asking her for advice.

Tracy took this picture of Leah with her Dada's hat on but it was saved to my phone so I included it here.  How cute is she?!

Ouch, this hurts just looking at it!  This was my last week of work and what my feet looked like daily.  I think I took this pic in the morning too so they weren't even that bad yet!

This was right before bed and I just pushed my finger on my foot and that was the indention left.  They were SOOOO swollen!  Austin compares the swelling to a tsunami actually, he said he would just push and it was like all the water would just roll up my foot.  Nice.  

My feet now, a little tanner and back to the normal size!  It's crazy what just resting will do!  My feet feel good everyday now.  :)

I looked over at B the other day and saw this and just cracked up.  I guess he didn't like how his hair was laying so he styled it himself.  He had the 80s half-bangs in the eye look going on.

There is a car seat base installed in my car!  Almost time!

Austin went ahead and got Leah's birthday present since her bday is right around when her little sister and cousin are arriving and he put it together on Sunday.  We decided B needed to go for a test drive.  We're mean like that.  ;)  He's such a good dog though, he just sat there staring around!  We love our little guy :)

A friend of mine made this bow holder for Hannah's room and I LOVE it!  I can't believe it's already filled with bows!  I didn't realize she'd already gotten so many as gifts!  I'm still planning on showing pics of her room by the way, I'm just waiting on this one thing that is taking FOREVER to get in and then I'll show it off!  

Yesterday Katie and I went to see Harry Potter 3D, I thought going to the movies would be ok since it's just sitting around.  Ummm...yeah, not happening again before Hannah arrives.  I was SO uncomfortable but it was worth it to see the movie!  This is a horribly unflattering and dorky picture but I had to take it so we could send it to our husbands who were already making fun of us for going to see the movie.  Whatever, we were at the movies and they were working!

Last night was our final class we signed up for at the hospital, it was the Newborn Care class and was really good!  Austin wanted to take a picture with his baby.  It was a boy, Austin said he was practicing for the next baby, I'm glad he's so sure that our next baby will be a boy!  By the way, I think this baby looks like a little rapper with his little beanie pulled down and the expression he's making.  

So, that's just about it that's been going on!  Tomorrow we head back to the doctor for our weekly appt so I'll have an update after that.


Lindsey Smith said...

Love her bow holder! Did Pig make that? Looks like Austin had a good time at baby class :-) Hope he learned a lot on that little guy.

P.S. Make sure I'm on Austin's "call" list

Stephanie said...

Oh your poor feet! I had my first experience with swelling over the weekend, but nothing compared to yours. Glad to see that some rest will get them back to normal so you aren't as uncomfortable. Ahh, it's all getting so real! Can't wait to see her whole room!