Friday, July 8, 2011

Hannah Pics

Thursday morning Austin and I had our 36 week ultrasound to check out Hannah one last time before her debut!  It was so neat to see her in detail and so BIG!  She was as usual a little wiggle worm the entire time and the tech said that's the best way to see everything.  She even kicked the ultrasound wand once, I guess she didn't like it there.  Excuse us Miss Thang!

Here is a picture of her arm, the long whitest parts are her bones, so cool to see!

A front view of her chubby little face.  It's cool that you can see her umbilical cord above her head.  Check out those cheeks!!!  So big and chubby!

An upside down view of her foot

Check out all that hair!!  That was by far the biggest shocker to me during the entire ultrasound.  Austin and I were both baldies for quite a while so to see that Hannah has lots of hair right away was pretty surprising!  We also were both little towheaded babies when we did get hair but we both think she's going to come out with some dark hair.  My hair is so dark it's almost black, so if we didn't have pictures of me as a baby then I wouldn't believe my hair was ever that light to begin with!

Hannah waving at us!

Her pretty little profile

This is Austin's favorite picture because she's puckering out her lips.  Such a little cutie!

After the ultrasound tech was done she entered all of the measurements into her fancy little computer and told us the estimated weight of Miss Hannah.  When she said she was 7lbs 4oz I about fell over!  Austin said "that's good, right?  That's the weight for when she's born?"  Um, no, that's her estimated weight RIGHT NOW!  She still has about four weeks to go and given the estimated weight gain of babies at this stage is 1/2 lb a week we're looking at a 9 lb baby at birth!  My doctor warned me ahead of time that this was just an estimate and the tech told me that she could be up to a pound off so I'm hoping and praying that she was!  That's a BIG baby especially for a not so big person to deliver...

The next time we get to see our little girl will be when she's born!  Just a few weeks away!  We can't wait!!!

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Stephanie said...

I asked my doc yesterday about how much my baby weighs - I keep reading in everyone's weekly updates a weight and she said it was strictly a guess and they don't even attempt it. That being said, I bet it did make you just a bit nervous to hear how big Hannah is right now!! That just means you are doing a great job growing a healthy, strong baby girl!