Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Labor Day Weekend Away

Labor Day weekend we headed up to visit Papa, CiCi, Aunt Rachel, Dean and the kids at Rachel and Dean's place.  It was also the same day as the Aggies first game of the season so we were all decked out in our Aggie gear for the drive!  The game was at noon so we left early Saturday morning and made it just in time to watch kickoff.

Gig em!

Saturday afternoon after lots of river fun we went on a boat ride.  It was Hannah's first time on a boat and she loved it!

Ready to go!  She didn't even care about the life jacket.

She reminded me of a dog with their head out the window.  She loved the air on her face. :)

Just enjoying the breeze

Smiling at herself.  :)

Sunday morning we headed out on the dock to do some fishing.  CiCi was teaching Hannah how to reel the fishing pole....

and seriously maybe 30 seconds later she caught her first fish!

She was so excited!

She couldn't believe it!  So she touched it.

You can see her reaction to that.  Ha!

That hurt Mommy...

So she decided to touch it again.

It was a lot smoother on the tail.

I love her face here.  Hannah with her first fish!

So, while we were at the river for the weekend, Pops was on the coast enjoying a different kind of fishing.  Here he is on the left with his big catch and on the right is Austin with his big catch of the day.  Haha!  I'm sure the excitement levels were exactly the same.  ;) 

After Hannah was done fishing, Brody found a baby lizard.

She was pretty excited about it.

I touch it!

Fearless.  She loves creepy crawly things.

I love this picture of Brody and Hannah.  So sweet.

We pretty much spent the rest of Sunday in the river.  Hannah had a BLAST!

Jumping in to see Papa!

Our little water baby

Climbing out like a big girl!

Taking a little rest on the float 

Then she decided that swimming wasn't enough, she wanted to go on the swing like the big kids!

She hung there for a while!


Then this started....this poor kid and her sensitive skin.  She started getting a rash all over!  We thought it was a heat rash at first.

She didn't let it slow her down!  Reading The Tickle Monster book with CiCi.

Having SO much fun!

By Monday morning her rash looked much worse.

By the time we left she had it all over, had a fever and her eye was randomly swollen so we made a detour to get some Benadryl just in case and Daddy drove quickly home.

Poor baby didn't feel good at all when we got home.  She NEVER falls asleep outside of her room or the car.

We had a fun weekend!  Later in the week we visited with the allergist and found out Hannah has chronic hives.  Not much we can do about it other than treat the hives when they appear.  Good news is that she doesn't appear to be bothered too much by them! 


Stephanie said...

So so cute! She certainly is a water baby!

etphonehome21 said...

What a fun weekend! I bet CiCi was so proud to be there for her first fish.