Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Day At The Museum

One Sunday last month we didn't have anything planned so we took Hannah to the children's museum near our house.  We've been to the big one downtown and it's awesome but this one is super close and perfect for her age.  Before we left Hannah wanted to try on Rapunzel's (the Build-A-Bear from her bday) shoes.  I don't think they're the right size sweet girl!

As soon as we got to the museum she ran straight to the rice tables.  All of these pics are from my phone so they aren't that great.

Pouring rice is serious business.

Showing Daddy all the fish

Then she wanted to get her grocery shopping done for the week just like Mommy does.

She had to pay for it somehow so she stopped by the ATM.

Then she headed to the kitchen to cook all her food!

After all that domestic stuff she changed gears.  She now wanted to dig for dinosaur fossils. 

This stuff was bazillions of pieces of shredded up tires.  So weird but awesome for little kids to dig in.

I see Hannah!  Crawling for some reason.  I guess she thought she was too tall since the ceiling was short.  She wasn't.  ;)

After that it was time to build stuff.

She had lots of fun doing this.  She was running all over the place just putting things together.

Fishing time!  All her pictures crack me up, she's not smiling in any of them, she's too busy concentrating on what she's doing.  I promise she smiled.  A lot. 

Going fishing just like she did at Aunt Rachel's house!

Catching fish

She had so much fun!  She did some crafts, played with trains and a lot more.  It's the perfect place for her age and even more perfect with how close it is to the house.  I even feel comfortable taking her on my own during the weekend which I would never do at the big museum.  We'll be back!

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