Friday, October 4, 2013

Five on Friday


I'm linking up again with Darci for Five on Friday!  Here are five things that made me happy this week (they're all Hannah related of course!).


Headgear.  Ha.  Hannah LOOOOOVES this tiara/earrings/ring set I picked up at the grocery store last week.  LOVES IT.  Asks daily "where's my tiara Mommy?"  I tell her it's getting cleaned if she wants it before bed or school.  ;)

Look at how proud she is!

Here she is in her Aggie gear for game day, holding Rapunzel (while watching Tangled of course....again) and wearing her frog winter hat.  Let it be known that it's never been cold enough for her to actually wear that hat outside.  I just love her silly personality so much!


Friends.  On Saturday Hannah got to hang out with not one but TWO of her besties!  They just also happen to be the daughters of my besties. :)  Saturday morning she and Lina got to bounce for a while and play with all of Lina's toys.  This picture makes me smile, they are just hanging out in the bounce house with each other, relaxing.  Lina's mom, Liz and I have been BFFs since high school and even lived together for a year in college. 

Look how sweet they are playing together

Saturday night Emma came over to play!  Emma's mom is Katie and she's been one of my best friends since college.  Hannah and Emma are so cute together and can really play with each other now that Emma's a big one year old and walking!

The princess and the frog.  :)


Fall crafts.  And little feet.  I love doing any kind of craft involving Hannah's little hands and feet, we've been doing stuff like this since she was born.  I love how this plate turned out!  It was super easy, she loves making feet prints and I just painted it on Sunday afternoon when she was watching a movie. 


This nap mat.  Hannah moved into the two year old room at school last week and has been off and on with her naps.  They sleep on cots so she's used to that but I went ahead and ordered her a nap mat to see if that would help her fall asleep.  It came in yesterday and she was SOOOO excited!  I took this picture before dinner and she said "I tired Mommy.  No dinner." because she wanted to "nap" right then.  We'll see what her report is today when I pick her up.  It's either going to be awesome or the teacher is going to say never ever bring that back again because she was too excited to sleep!   

This morning she was ready to go to school with her mat!  Hilarious.


Rainy day puddles.  We've had a good amount of rain over the last week and Hannah loves to go outside and splash in the puddles.


She then started crawling in the puddles so a change of clothes was necessary after all that fun.

Happy Friday everyone!

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