Thursday, October 17, 2013

Happy Birthday!

This year Tracy, Ryan, Austin and I decided to do something fun for all our birthdays.  Tracy's bday is in August, Ryan and my bdays are in September and Austin's was yesterday so about a month ago we went out to dinner for one big bday celebration.  Austin and I had been to Uchi about six months ago and it was AH-MAZE-ING and we raved so much about it that we all decided to go there for our birthdays.  Seriously, if you live in H-town you have to go.  It does NOT disappoint.  It's the most expensive suchi I've ever eaten but it's worth every single penny.  There is a reason that it costs so much.  It's one of the highest rated restaurants in the country!  So, anyways, enough about that. 

Tracy & Ryan

Austin & me

Meanwhile, Hannah was having a great time with her Lainey and Pops.  Looks at this sweet girl praying before dinner with Pops.  She had a fun night!

But so did we.  :)

This was one of our dishes.  It's like art.  I normally do NOT eat raw fish.  When we go to a sushi restaurant I'm a roll kind of gal.  I ate straight up raw fish here.  It was tasty.

The presentation is so nice.

We even cooked some beef on a hot stone.  The waitress told us how hot it was yet Ryan still wanted to touch it.  That's smart. 

This picture does not do justice to this dessert.  It's a cookies and milk something and I'm pretty much in love with it.  Unfortunately I couldn't eat the cookie part since I'm gluten free now but the rest was still delish. 

Tracy and me after our fun night!

The next afternoon we headed over to Tracy and Ryan's house to get together with the fam.  Sweet girl was excited to see her cousins! 

Melt my heart.  Love these girls!

Cuteness level - 100%

She's getting SO big!

I didn't take any pictures there because we were busy hanging out but when we got home Hannah wanted to kick back and let her hair down.  In the laundry basket.  That she pushed all the way from the laundry room (that is nowhere near the living room).  Doesn't it look like the perfect spot to read a book??  Notice the blocks behind her back and her hair stuck in the raised position from her bow earlier.  She's so silly. 

It was a great weekend!

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Stephanie said...

Glad you all had a wonderful birthday weekend! I'm not a sushi kind of gal, but the presentation of the food is wonderful! And that picture of Hannah praying is seriously the cutest. I'm so jealous of your girl having cousins so close in age.