Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Cousin Weekend

Waaaay back in August, Hannah and I spent the weekend with Aunt Tracy, Uncle Ryan, Haley and Leah!  It was the weekend after Hannah's bday actually so she still had some evidence of her shiner.  Nice.  Austin was out of town fishing so we decided to have lots of cousin time together! 

Of course this girl didn't take a nap at school on Friday so she was passed out on the way to Aunt Tracy's house.

After her little cat nap it was time to go to dinner.  It's an adventure with three girls.  Always.

Then it was bath time and more fun!  This picture cracks me up.  It's just how it is when you attempt a pic of two 2 year olds and a 4 year old.  And then look at Haley.   Hahaha!

Then on to the funnest part of the evening....book time!

Sweet cousins chatting

Aunt Tracy read The Tickle Monster book and it was a hit!

Haley wanted to wear the tickle hands too.

Saturday morning I woke up to the sweetest little sound in the pack-n-play next to me saying "Hi Mommy!"  We snuggled in bed and watched some Mickey for a little while.

Then another little girl wanted to join us.  :)

While we made breakfast, Hannah watched some more shows.  On a chair.  On the couch.  Sideways.

For lunch all of us girls headed out to a "petting zoo"/restaurant.  I say "petting zoo" because that's what is advertised.  It had a horse, some peacocks and a few chickens.  Not exactly a petting zoo but it was still fun. 

Saddle up!

Hannah found this hat next to her saddle and was ready to pose!

Here's the blurry cell phone pic.  Still so cute!

The little girls running after the big girl.

"Riding" the horses.  The two Mommies didn't have any change to turn them on.... they didn't even notice.  ;)

After all that excitement it was time to head back home for naps and then Liz and Lina were coming over to play!  Uncle Ryan set up the pool in the backyard and about that time Tracy and I realized that neither of us had swim diapers for Haley or Hannah.  It was hilarious seeing them running around the backyard with HUGE FULL diapers on.  The next few pictures crack me up.  I'll set the scene and then let the pictures do the talking here.  Haley was running into the pool and Leah was just dancing around freely in the background.  So.  Funny. 

That's all the pics we got of the swimming and sliding because you know, we were a little busy with 4 munchkins. 

Here are all the girls hanging out while we got dinner ready.  Getting their picture taken was clearly not a priority.  They all had so much fun together!  I'm pretty sure Lina thinks they're all crazy.  :)

My Sunday morning wake up view.  LOVE.

Sunday morning school time!

Sweet baby girl and her shiner.

Picture time!  I wanted a picture of all three girls in their new necklaces I got them.  This is what we got....

Saying bye bye to Uncle Ryan!

We had a great weekend! 

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