Thursday, March 14, 2013

Oh Toodles!

This past weekend we had so much fun.  Friday night I was busy working on a few cookie orders so Hannah got to spend some extra time watching Mickah Mowse.  She was a happy girl. 

She didn't even look my way when I was standing there taking her picture.

Once she heard me running the mixer she ran over so she could watch.  She loves watching the mixer work it's magic. 

Saturday morning everyone was busy.  Austin spent the majority of the day doing yard work, mulching everything in sight, etc while I decorated cookies.  After nap time we took Hannah to a different park in the neighborhood near ours for a change of scenery.

There were two older boys there when we arrived and she was mesmerized by them.  She wouldn't take her eyes off of them and wanted to do whatever they were doing. 

Sliding down the big slide! 

Working on her upper body strength for Papa C 


So strong 

We just watched her run around for a while, she was having so much fun!  She kept yelling in her sweet little voice "Oh Toodles!".  I have no idea why she kept thinking of Toodles but it was super cute.

She found this stick and was entertained for a while.  Everyone needs a good walking stick! 

The next day we got up early and took Hannah for a fun surprise!  Next involves lots of stinky animals and one very excited toddler.

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