Friday, March 8, 2013

Phone Pics

Well hello!  I'm alive!  It's been a while.  We've been super busy with life stuff and lots of activities so I've neglected the blog a bit.  Sorry.  :(  Anyways, I have lots to share but I don't have the time right now so I'll at least put some of my recent phone pics on here in the meantime.  :)

This is my view every single night.  I love it.  We have quite the routine with the munchkin.  Every night Daddy gives her a bath and gets her ready for bed and we play a little then get in the sleep sack and she lays on Daddy while drinking her bedtime milk.  I'm always on the couch next to them while she's having her milk with Daddy.  After that he takes her to her room to go night night but first she and I tell each other "I love you".  Hers sounds more like "I yuv you mama" and "I yuv you ro ro (Brody)"
Melts my heart.

Here is a pic of one day after picking her up from school and she did NOT nap.  At ALL.  Not good.  So, she took her socks and shoes off and took a nap on the ride home.  We sat in the driveway for about 30 mins once we got home so she could get a short nap. 

Clearly, the nap was not long enough..... Ha!  She was pretty upset with me that night.  Maybe because she was soooo sleepy or maybe because I was taking pics/video of her on my phone to send to Daddy.  ;)  I'm mother of the year.  

Happy girl eating her lasagna! 

Wearing Lainey's shoes one day at their house.  She looks like such a big girl.

Playing at Mallory's birthday party looking so cool in her shades.  She was still in her rodeo outfit from the cookoff (post to come about that). 

Loving the slide at the bday party! 


My fearless girl 

Giving the birthday girl hugs.  So sweet.  They are BFFs and Hannah asks to see Mallory ALL THE TIME and now they are moving.  :(  I'm so sad for when Hannah realizes Mallory isn't next door. 

Looking like SUCH a BIG GIRL sitting by the fire outside!  She looked so cute in her jammies with her hands in the pockets. 

My view one day during nap time.  She had thrown everything out of her crib and had managed to pull her aquarium down and was standing on it.  She was busy.  Not napping.... 

Sweet girl still sleeps like a baby when she does nap. :)  I love her little crossed feet.

We went swimming in a friends heated pool a few weekends ago.  Hannah doesn't have a bathing suit yet for this year but luckily Gracie and Libby had sent her some of their clothes so she wasn't just in her diaper. 

Reading on the way home from school. 

One morning she was particularly fussy about being in the car and threw everything out of reach.  So, I handed her a People magazine and she read that instead. 

She LOVES to put her babies to bed and pat their backs.  She's really into having Mommy and Daddy lying on the ground so she can cover us up and pat us to sleep.  She wanted to go night night with Daddy that night. 

Sometimes she even uses DVD covers as blankets for her dolls. 

Last weekend I thought putting Hannah in her highchair to color was a good semi-unsupervised activity.  When I checked on her I saw this.  She was eating her crayon.... 

Austin picked her up from school one day this week and sent me this pic with the description "Cranky pantaloons".  Ha!  Some days she just does not want to leave school.  We love that she is so happy there but seriously, sometimes it's a little embarassing that she treats us like a kidnapper when we're just trying to go home....  Haha. 

Bath mohawk! 


Stephanie said...

Love all the pictures! When did you turn her car seat around? I bet she enjoys facing forward now.

etphonehome21 said...

I know they aren't great quality but phone pics show real life. And hers is just precious! I LOVE seeing her in the girls old clothes!!!