Thursday, March 14, 2013

Llama Llama!

All last week Austin and I planned on taking Hannah for a special surprise to the livestock show.  I was SO excited to see her reaction to REAL LIVE animals!  The girl loves her some farm animals, she knows all the names of each animal, their sounds, etc.  She's never seen any animal in person other than a house pet or deer behind our house.  So, after waking up bright and early on Sunday morning and hearing the pouring down rain we decided to go ahead and suffer through it and go and hope for the best.  The entire event is indoors but the 10 minute walk from the parking lot is another story....  Luckily it was barely raining by the time we arrived. 

Have you ever wondered what a $220,000 grand champion lamb looks like??  Because this is it....  No idea why this sold for 220K but it did!   

We walked straight over to the kid area and the first thing we saw was the petting zoo!  And once we got in there with our cone full of food we were greated with Hannah's favorite animal, a llama!  Hannah is borderline obsessed with this line of books about Llama Llama.  She repeats "Llama llama ed pigama (red pajama)" over and over.  So we were so excited to see a real llama!

Llama, you're TOO CLOSE!!!  That thing kind of freaked me out.  We were eye to eye with each other and it was really aggressive about eating.

Hannah loved petting all the animals she saw.  She would see something, point at it and say whatever it was and then just stare in amazement.  It was so cute. 

Dirty stinky sheep.  Yuck. 

Hannah and Mommy with an interesting fella.....

Brushing the sheeps hair

Brush brush brush.  She had so much fun walking around brushing animals.

She really liked watching the animals behind the cage.  There were wallabies (small kangeroos), some ducks and a rooster.  She was so cute, she kept making an arm flapping motion like a bird and "cockadoodledoo" back to the rooster. 

Some of the animals were straight up beggers!  This guy really wanted Austin's food.  Notice his right pant leg....

Hey buddy, not exactly what you were hoping for, is it??

Daddy and Hannah hanging out with the donkey.  I think he may have been sleeping standing up.

Hannah loved the cow.  She just kept staring.

We walked over to the birthing center where a pig and a cow were due to give birth that day.  The cow was just laying there but the pig was straight up losing it in it's little area.  She was tearing stuff up so I'm pretty sure she was in labor right then.  I didn't feel the need to traumatize Hannah so young so we checked out all the little piggies who were born in the past few days instead.  They were so cute!

Hannah was really excited to touch a bunny rabbit.

Rabbit!  Rabbit!

Being so sweet and gentle with a baby chick

These chicks were just 10 minutes old!  I wish we had seen them hatching but we just missed it.  They kept trying to walk but couldn't figure it out just yet.

We walked around for a little while longer and after all that excitement we decided to head back home for lunch and nap time.  It had gotten pretty cold while we were inside so Mommy made Hannah a little jacket out of my hoodie.  Nice.  She looked like a little Jedi.

First shuttle ride!

After lunch we put Hannah down for her nap.  Because of the time change we were a little late and it was 1pm.  I have some hilarious video of what my child was doing when she was supposed to be napping.  She spent THREE hours in her crib just playing.  She threw everything out at one point and just entertained herself by dancing, singing, doing whatever she felt like instead of sleeping.  She took her pants and socks off for some reason.  After the three hours, at 4pm she FINALLY passed out.  I knew she wasn't going to be very happy with me when I woke her up an hour later since it was 5pm. 

This is the view I walked into.  Sweet baby girl was not ready to get out of bed!

Relaxing with Daddy after nap time was over!  As you can see, she was super happy about being awake... 

We had a great day and I know Hannah had a blast getting to see all her favorite animals! 

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