Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentines Day 2013

Valentines Day started off with this sweet little image.  Hannah is really into putting her babies to bed and does it every morning before she gets out of her crib.  She made sure all her babies were covered up and warm before patting them on their backs and getting started with her day.  :)

Ready to go to school!  Lovin' on her new bear from Mallory. 

Early morning pics by Mommy!  FYI, all of these were taken on my phone so they aren't great quality. 

In the afternoon Hannah's class had a Valentines Day party where they each brought a snack and cards for their friends.  Hannah was so happy to see Mommy there! 

Chowing down on some good grub.  She's a master with her spoon. 

You could easily tell that Hannah is one of the kids that never gets sweets.  She wasted NO time eating her mini cupcake!!  There was not one crumb left.....

Hannah and some of her friends.  Cuteness. 

Signing "all done" but clearly she was still interested in food because she's checking out the table next to her with a cupcake left.  Ha.  I was so surprised by her too, I let her have juice for the 2nd time in her life and she didn't want it, she asked for water instead!  Makes me think our obsessing about her eating healthy foods is paying off.  :)

Wash!  Wash!  Hannah LOVES to wash her hands, it's so cute to watch. 

Aaaaannnnddd.....this was the reaction I got when I said we were going home.  Thanks a lot Hannah....  :(  I asked her if she wanted me to leave and she could stay the night all by herself, she said yes.  Ha!   

Much happier once we got home and played in the backyard! 

Moon Mama!  I looked up and could barely see the moon, but she spotted it right away! 

Her face cracks me up.  She saw the little weed that looks like a flower and was apparently confused by it. 

After Daddy got home we exchanged gifts and cards and by far her most favorite was the Mickey Mouse card her Daddy got her.  It was SOOO cute how excited she was about it!

I hope everyone had a great day!

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Chani said...

I swear, I feel like I know her just from reading your sweet Hannah stories! She gets cuter and cuter all the time! Thanks for making me feel better about my cornbread skillet catastrophe! You give me hope that at the end of nine months you still survive and have a beautiful baby to show for the moments of pregnancy brain... Ha!