Thursday, February 5, 2015

Easter Weekend

Our Easter weekend was a busy but super fun one!  Saturday morning we went to Disney on Ice and then headed to Payden's bday celebration on our side of town.  All of the kids dyed Easter eggs and Hannah loved it! 

She was so proud of her eggs. :)

Easter morning she woke up and saw what the Easter bunny brought her!

Then we headed over to Tracy and Ryan's house to spend the day with the family and the girls got to hunt Easter eggs.  Some of these pics are out of order because half came from my camera and half came from my phone and I didn't feel like sorting them out.  :)
They each got another Easter basket from Lainey and Pops!

Each one got a new Frozen book and that was the first thing they all checked out.

Time to hunt eggs!  They all took this very seriously!

Showing us their loot.

Silly faces!

Love her curls and her dress.  And her.  :)

Group pics, you take what you can get.

Just the three of us

Oh wait, we forgot we have another kid!  Haha!  Haley was so funny, for some reason she just got right in there with us for our family picture. 
This was probably the funnest part of the afternoon.  Confetti eggs!  We've never done this with the girls and they LOVED it!

Cracking eggs on Daddy/Uncle Austin is so much fun!

Pops got Leah!

These two....they're going to be T-R-O-U-B-L-E when they can drive real cars!

LOVE her

Tracy got this picture on her camera.  I love it.  SO much joy! 

Here are the pics from my camera, so some are repeats.  Three sweet girls.
Lainey made a bunny cake!

Austin and Pops making us lunch

Ryan, Ross, Aunt Janet and Lainey hanging out

Austin frying up the chicken.  It is SOOOO yummy!

Lainey and her girls

Love my sweet pea

So does Leah  :)

Lainey and Pops

The girls were ready to hunt eggs!

Wearing a pretty Easter dress doesn't stop you from going down a slide!

Our crew

Sweet cousins

Since Haley wanted in our family pic, Hannah needed to be in their family pic

Party of four

Party of three

Lainey and Pops with their grand daughters

After we left their house we headed back to our neighborhood for the annual egg hunt! 

They let the little kids go first and then the big kids got their turn

More confetti eggs! 


She had so much fun!
And even more fun enjoying her popsicle

It was a SUPER BUSY but SUPER FUN weekend!!

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