Sunday, February 8, 2015


We are really lucky to have so many good friends who also have girls the same age as Hannah.  She has SO much fun and they always look forward to seeing each other. Our friend Jared wanted to go on a local brewery tour for his birthday one weekend so Hannah and Brinlee got to spend the day/evening together acting like wild little monkeys! 
First there were animals to see though.  They had a few rescued wild animals there and Hannah loved getting to pet them.  The ones they rescued are injured beyond going back in the wild so they just get to be spoiled by the rescue workers.
Hannah and Daddy about to learn all about local beer.

Brinlee is here!  They are just too cute!

Their excitement is so fun to watch!

Jared, Brinlee, Hannah and Austin walking to the tour.

Hannah and Brinlee were super interested in the tour as you can see. 

After the tour we went back to Jared and Jenny's house for the evening and Hannah made herself right at home.

Blakely came over too!  They had so much fun together just tearing the place up.

After a big group bath they all settled in to watch some TV.  This was the calmest they were all day.

Within about two minutes this was Hannah on the way home.  I'd say she had a great day!

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