Thursday, February 5, 2015


Every spring the bluebonnets in Texas bloom and are absolutely beautiful!  We make it a tradition (along with every other family) to take pictures each year and this year was extra special because our awesome photographer Amy Emory was offering mini sessions so off we went for 15 minutes in the flowers with our little model! 
If you're a photographer and you want a little girl model, I'm telling you this is your girl!  She is a HAM in front of the camera!!  Not for Mommy or Daddy, no way.  But for a photographer, it's like she just knows and puts on a show!  It is hilarious.  This morning it was really cold and windy too and she just hammed it up!

She just has the most fun getting her picture taken!

No one told her to do this, I swear.  She just kind of looked over her shoulder and looked down.  Perfect and so sweet.

I love this dress!  Hannah calls it her pretty dress and she loves it too!  I also love all her curls.

Our beautiful girl

I mean, really.  She just melts our hearts.

Mommy even got a little kiss in.

I can't wait to do these again this year with her baby brother!
Here are a few behind the scenes pics that I took with my phone. See what I mean about hamming it up for the photographer??  Haha.
Mommy, it's cold!
Brrr!  But I'll still flash my cute little smile when Ms. Amy tells me too. :)

Taking a little break to try to warm up.  Again, this session lasted 15 minutes max!  She did so great!


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