Sunday, February 8, 2015

Embryo Transfer

By far, the biggest event of our summer was our FINAL embryo transfer that is now called Graham!  We waited months and months (well, technically years for him but months for this specific transfer) for this and the day was finally here!  I've written the story of how Graham came to be on another blog so I need to write that all here soon. 
That morning I was a bundle of nerves!  So I took random pictures while waiting to be sent back to the procedure room.  Austin was probably sitting right next to me while I took these pics but I don't have any pictures of him. ;)

That's my makeup free, nervous smile selfie look for ya.

Here they were!  Two embryos ready to grow and become healthy babies!

And, that's what they looked like once implanted.  Fascinating, right??  ;)

After all that excitement it was time to go home and start my THREE days of bed rest.  Yeah, THREE DAYS.  I'm a lucky girl though because this cutie loves to snuggle so everyday when she came home from school she would get in bed with Mommy and we'd watch some shows.

I found this quote somewhere the day of my transfer, I'm guessing someone on FB posted it.  But it was just perfect for the occasion!  Boy, isn't that the truth?!  It sure wasn't easy but it definitely was worth it all!! 
As long as the little guy stays put a few more days I'll post his story soon.  If not, then it will have a wait a little longer. 

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